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Re: Riftspace Question

This should help you, Skeksis.

If you have demo, try changing name to "imacheater" (no quotation marks). That should make you invincible. If you have the full version (I’m not sure the demo cheat will work in the full version) or don’t want to cheat, here are a few tips for completing the mission:

- Jumpjet is death (except you have very, very strong shields), as it draws your shields and energy very quickly and takes you nowhere. Don’t use it in combat.

- The first thing you do when entering the battlefield is to intercept your enemy and get into his missile lock. Wait until enemy launches a missile and then turn around. Route your energy away from the shields bar as far as possible and then use afterburner to get away at high speed. A bug makes energy actually recharge when you are doing this. Stop it when enemy stops wasting his missiles.

- Use your missiles sparingly. The tactic I use is: get a missile lock on the enemy, then wait until you have only a few seconds before they start firing their lasers (or whatever it is) on you. At this point launch a missile. One viper will be enough to damage an UFO fighter’s shields by one half. Then shoot him to death with your primary weapons (not missiles).

- If your missile tactic fails, don’t launch another missile. At this range, chances to hit will be nearly nil, as enemies tend to make high speed passes over you and if they do one while you are firing a missile, you may end up firing the missile in open space. Instead, run away about 1500 units using the afterburner trick explained above. Then shoot them, again, without using missiles

- When there is only one enemy fighter in batlle, attack him with missiles primarily. Don’t spare them this time, as you will reload them at the base.

-the most important! : use the above explained afterburner runaway any time they eat half of your shields: don’t wait, it will be too late. If you stay, your shields may fail and your systems will be exposed. They take a very long time to repair and your enemies will be back to their full strength in time your ship is repaired.

Admiral Norton

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