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IWAR2 Dagda system weirdness…

I am in Act2. I jump through the backdoor point into Dagda system. Upon
my arival a bunch of strange things are hapening. Sometimes my computer
frezes up, and sometimes it becomes very slow and my ship dissapears
off the screen. All I see is the two Tie fighters that are supposedly
attached to my ship, but now they look like they just float in space,
attached to some invisible object, that used to be my ship. Very
weird… I am using the latest patch (F14.6) and I also have some add
ons like: Custom Jaff, Walkthrough with Starmap, Dense fields…
I tried this mission a couple of times, even with all the add ons
disabled, and still same stuff is happening. I might just have to
reinstall the game and open the saved file, I guess. Any other ideas…

P.S. Hello Stephen… are you still out there… :)

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