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Good force feedback joystick for space games

I’m sure this topic has been done before.. but I haven’t found a
recent answer..

I have the early model Saitek Cyborg 3D. Nice joystick at the time but
started displaying the left drift problem and now it’s pretty bad.

So I want to buy a new one.. I tried force feedback back on a MS
Sidewinder (version 1) years ago and thought it was great, this was on
combat flight sim.

Now the post-xmas sales are going strong.. I think I should treat
myself to a FF joystick.. mostly to replay I-war 2, Freespace 2 and
god knows what other grub I can dig up. I hear that X2 has trouble
with FF.

So what will it be.. the options are limited and I have the cash for
any of them. I will try to test in store but generally I only find out
if I like something like this if I give it a good bash for a day or

Logitech Force 3D, saitek evo force or microsoft sidewinder force 2 (I
know they’ve dropped production but I remember it still being sold

I’m also pretty sure the above ones are all proper FF sticks rather
than rumble sticks (to me rumble=xbox).

I’m leaning towards logitech only because I have heard good things
about them, never bought any of their stuff but have used and found to
be pretty good. The Saitek feels nice to wiggle around but I have had
the problem with their previous version and left drift – despite many
attempts to fix.

Help is appreciated.

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Freeware B5 game: I've Found Her

Anyone tried this game yet. Totally freeware and it looks really


Scott Streeter

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Anyone with Saitek X52 experiences to share?


I’m thinking about replacing my outdated joystick.  I was wondering if
there are any space-sim fans who have any experience with the X52?

I like I-War2 and X2 today.  Privateer was my first Space-Sim.
-The Spankstinator

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Stereo Space

Just in case you are on a binge/purge routine,  this should help with the


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Starshatter: What's the verdict on it?

I’m back into space sims atm and wonder how SS fared with those of you who
bought it.  I checked out the Matrix SS forum and the posters there are very
enthusiastic about the game.  Also I recall that Milo was a regular poster
here for years and seemed a very reasonable type.  Is the game worth $50
(I’d go for a physical copy which means shipping and sales tax) in terms of
long-term play (i.e., how long did you play it before setting it aside out
of either boredom or frustration…..or are you still playing it
enthusiastically).  Thanks for any info.

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My Space Sim Experiences

Well, after playing space sims for many years begining with Tau Ceti
on the Sinclair Spectrum some 15 or 16 years ago, I have kept in the
market as I await for the ultimate space sim game.

It began on the PC with elite and I wont bore you with the details but
X-Wing, the excellent TIE Fighter etc were the games I gnjoyed a lot.
Not to forget the more modern day I-War 2 etc.

But something really pissed me off today. Something in a game so great
that it should not be excused. The awful flying setup in X2, which is
fine if there was no combat in the game. I was stumped. Starshatter –
Combat was playable. I-War2, combat was playable. Heck I even have The
Fringe and that was playable. Even X-Com Intercepter, which could not
let me invert mouse was still playable. Perhaps it is just me?

Now I do not profess to be an Baron von Richthofen of space sims, but
being able to complete that virutally every tie fighter level in hard
and X-Wing Alliance, I do not consider myself to be a newbie to combat
section of games.

But then again, It is not fair for me to judge until I get further
into the game. If someone could reccomend a mod that fixes the physics
to the xwing or Iwar level, it would be much welcomed.

But Anyhow, for the old xwing, there was a mod that ran as a seperate
program in a Window. You had a set force and the enemy had a set
force. You moved forces around and the enemy(computer) did the same.
It was like a turn based addon, and it would generate missions based
on the battles that took place. The program would read your results
and reduce the forces accordingly based on losses. You can have bases
etc and there was none of the "one man red baron sim" type action that
is so prevelant today.

My question is, is there a space sim, that lets you start small and
build up an army that you control and can take over the universe/game
world with? Starshatter does not really count since you do not create
any forces. I do not mind trading/mining etc and I have not tried
MMO’s or even any of Derek Smarts games after the bad experience with
the Original BC.

Perhaps I should stick with R-Type clones and Starcraft :)

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Talent outsourcing versus cheap labor

Imagine going into your office and covering your desk with drawings,
notes, designs, as you customize a client’s product. Your client comes
in to see the work, approves it, pays you and then does something very
strange. He takes the tools, the documents, the notes, the designs,
your pens, your pencil sharpener, your desk, and your chair. Imagine
the amount you received is about enough to replace the chair, but
you’ll be drawing on napkins on the floor just like you did when that
other client did the same thing to you a month ago.

Businesses that last build a strong portfolio and a great store of work
that they can look back on, re-use, and resell. Outsourcing portals do
not promote the talent available, they promote the cheap work
available. When workers start increasing the price the demand will drop
much faster than if it were the talent that was promoted. Workers need
more avenues for making their talents available.

If workers could spend more time offering products instead of
rebuilding them from scratch it would be a richer marketplace. Why not
make the progress the market economy is supposedly going to make on its
own anyway. Why not make it now? Now there’s Coderauctions.com and
Ultracoder.com. Each site has their own special qualities that help
freelancers empower themselves.

You don’t want to spend time creating a base of resources from scratch
every time you work on a project. Build a foundation to stand on as you
grow your business. Sell products at a fixed price and also offer a few
dozen copies per week in auctions. Offer customization services on top
of your standard price. Don’t stop with the first incarnation of a
product. Improve it. Bring your buyers back for more. Coderauctions.com
makes it possible for coders to continue the life of the product beyond
the first sale.

Ultracoder.com on the other hand is a developer oriented outsourcing
site. They have an in house team of coders and they appear to be always
looking for more coders. They set prices for projects and this enables
freelancers to see what they are getting into before work starts. Other
online outsourcing services force you to compete with other colleagues
and the only way you are guaranteed to get the job is if you post a low

You may have heard outsourcing is a great way to save money and have
access to many coders globally. Most outsourcing sites start from that
goal and hope that the method will work itself out. But this leaves out
what happens to the buyer’s product and the coder’s work after the
project is finished. So please fellow freelancers empower yourself and
get the most out of your talent and work.

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Freespace 2

I just found my copy of the game, installed it and am about 6 missions in
after a few hours.

What a great game :) The story is just so well done, so much attention to
detail and the voice acting is actually really good!

So impressive for an older game. Pity we have nothing now that is close to


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Re: Freelancer – any way to skip the campaign?

"John Smith" <re…@this.newsgroup.com> wrote in message


> My son bought Freelancer a few days ago, and likes it a lot, but would
> prefer to just wander around without doing the programmed campaign
> game. I’ve read on this group that you can do the free wandering after
> you finish the campaign, but is there any way to just skip the
> campaign if not interested in that, and just do the free wandering?

> Thanks,

> John

He could host his own server and play on it.  I did that for a
while. It doesn’t take a lot of horsepower. There is an icon
in the game directory for launching the server.  Then you
can see it on your "lan" list, and join it.  In that mode, you
just start with the newbie ship and 2k and it’s do whatever
you want, wherever you want.  He may also enjoy playing
multi with other people.  But there is no way that I know
of to completely skip the campaign.

I recommend checking the MS freelancer site because there
was a 1.1 patch for the server program, that fixed some bugs.
I don’t have a direct link handy.  Can find it for you if you have


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We need space games with Jupiter-aliens !!!

Jupiter with its 50+ moons is much more interesting than Earth with
its 1 boring moon !!!

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