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Yet more rewording from the SC

How’s this:

"At very high frame rates, characters in escort mode will constantly update
their position around the object they are escorting (e.g. player). This is
not fatal and is only happening due to the increased AI processing loop.
Its more of an annoyance than a bug and is only seen if viewing the
character from an external camera view or if a character who was previously
prone, decides to fine tune his position, even though you [player] have not
moved at all and then crosses your view (thus ending up in obscuring the
line of fire)."


So, folks : bugs are now annoyances. be sure to always throw in words like
"AI" when describing these annoyances. A liberal sprinkling of "basically"s
always goes down well with peewee commanders too.

Now (scratch head), where have I seen stuff like this before ? … A
chocolate father xmas to the first correct answer.

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Re: Further EVE questions

Actually, if you kill off one of the characters you can just start a new one
to take the place of the old one.  The game provides cloning.  So you can
clone your character and then use the clone in case of death.  The 3
characters can not play at the same time and only one character can train
for new skills at a time.


com dot binarysage at timinator

"Jerry" <jesb…@hotmail.com> wrote in message


- — -

> This may sound silly but what the heck. I read you can have three
> characters active per account, if these 3 are killed during the game,
> do you have to buy  a  new subscription?

> Thanks

> Jerry

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Re: Eve saves

On Sat, 20 Dec 2003 13:30:57 +0000, Jerry <jesb…@hotmail.com> wrote:
>What files would I need to move to a new install on a new PC to
>continue playing the same characters?

None I would have thought. Its all server side.

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Derek Talks Smack On Dreamcatcher's Forum

Well, I’m not surprised he was spewing his usual bollocks on the
3000AD forums to his hoardes of loyal crazies, but now the good Doctor
is being his usual charming self on his publisher’s forums:


 I can’t wait for the fallout from /that/.

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Looking for a Web Site

I’m looking for a web site that is maintained by a member of the public and
is dedicated to one of the modern day uber-programmers out there who
develop leading edge, multiplayer space sims the like of which mean we need
never buy another game.

Would anyone know of such a site?

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UC In game videos

Just downloaded 90 megabytes of Universal Combat  "in game videos".

Holy cow : how embarassing. And I’d hoped to enjoy the game.

The videos are split up into a story telling sequence, which I couldn’t
fathom at all since there were no demo sound fx, the graphics for weapons
were piss poor and I couldn’t tell who was fighting who. The flight
dynamics reminded me of puppeteering when I was a kid : you know, 2 or 3
wires attached to a stick and pulling a toy around all jerkily. Yuck. The
videos just show a few pisspoor ships , with white lines sticking out of
them (lasers I think), twirling around as the person who made the demo pans
around them while pumping vigorously. And what the hell is that debug info
still doing there on the screen? An attempt to impress peewee commanders I

Also, How come there is no animation on the space ships thrusters? It looks
like someone just glued on a bright coloured paper cone to look like after

And this is the game whose graphics engine was supposed to be better than
Tribes 2 all of 3 years ago? Methinks someone was telling a porky or two.

Very disappointing.

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Is there a Derek faq???

I mostly lurk here and not all that frequently at that. I have a
question. Derek is none to popular, and why is that? Rather than have
it explained is there a FAQ on why is Derek so hated? If there isn’t
maybe some of the regulars could make one.



No computers were harmed while composing this post.

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Multiplayer Space Games

Hi people,

When you have some spare time , go to this site http://www.ferion.com

Its an amazing new strategy space game that kind of is like Masters of
Orion, but then more multiplayer.

The graphics are ok, not the best it the world, and there is no sound
whatsoever, but the gameplay is very good, I keep amazing myself everytime
about the strategies people use in the game.

Go try it :)


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Super StarTrek Code and Manual Available

I have posted the code (in BASIC) for Super Startrek on my website.  It is
an ASIC text, non-realtime game from the 1970′s (before PC’s).    I found
the code in an old posting, but it had a lot of problems.  Thank you to
Katzy for giving me some pointers on fixing some of the problems with it.  I
cleaned up a bunch, added some to it, and wrote a manual.   Have fun.

It is at  startrek [dot] darylanderson [dot] com


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