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Freelancer query and tips

After about 20 hours of play, I have questions and maybe a tip or two.

Some have mentioned making money by pirating transport ships. How and
where do you do that? I have not had much success doing that: either I
can’t catch them out is space, or if I attack them near a base or
planet, I am blown to pieces by the police and/or cut off from access to
that planet. I have a heavy fighter with good weapons. what is the
strategy for attacking transports?

Same goes for mining: I have not managed to mine a single rock; I shoot
at them for minutes, but nothing happens.

What is the best strategy for explaoration. I suspect that the best
early strategy is to explore systems rather than planets, in order to
get the layout of most of the Universe. It is too late for me now, since
I can hardly get through any gate without being killed.

Now  for the tips.

I took combat missions left and right without paying any attention to
who I was attacking. As a result, I am on the enemy list of almost every
marginal group in the galaxy and a number of others, and as soon as I
try to go anywhere a bit out-of-the-way, I am attacked by hordes of
enemies – especially at the gates between systems.

Apparently I did not put enough emphasis on exploration early in the
game, since I have explored only most of Liberty and Britain. And I
can’t go back to Liberty after the canned escape from there, even with a
different ship – the minute I go through the gate, I am pulverized in
seconds by dozens of enemies.

Although I have found a few sites where there is some discussion of the
game, I have yet to find one where ANY kind of strategy for playing the
game is discussed.

Clearly I am missing something – what is it? I have no problem winning
combat missions for pay, but when I tried to use a trading ship, I could
never get to my destination without being attacked and killed. And
getting through gates is becoming impossible.


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IWar2 "Construction Yard"


i saw that Stephen Robertson is doing awesome support for Iwar here, so i
hope to get an answer :)

I’m playing the Construction Yard mission and i’m suck at cutting the
station from the habitat module. I fly towards the LOR plattform (with the
cutting drone) but nothing happens. I even tried docking to the different
sub-targets of the plattform but this didn’t help either….
What am i doing wrong?


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Freelancer: Constant graphical pauses when sound is played.

I’m having a problem with Freelancer.  Basically, if I load up the game and
start spinning the ship – everything is totall 100 % smooth, even in the
higest res possible.

However, as soon as sound starts to play, the game "jumps". Only at the
beginning of the sound.

So, on the first mission when you go to hook up with the convoy, I’ll start
my ship spinning and as soon as the first person starts "talking" my screen
jumps once and then is fine for the rest of the speech. Then the next person
starts talking and the screen will jump again and then be fine for the rest
of the speech.

Has anyone else seen this?  Any ideas or suggestions would be most

By the way, here are all my system specs:

Asus P4T533 MOBO
Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Mhz 533fsb
512 Meg ram
NVidia Geforce 4 ti 4600 latest release drivers
SB Audigy Lastest drivers

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Freelancer combat/flight model and the "Z" key… am i the only one that uses this?

ive seen people complaining about the flight model used in freelancer,
primarily the whole i-war style physics-based model vs the "airplane
in space" model… and i find myself wondering if these folks just
clicked through all the tutorial hints that pop up through the first
few missions, or if i am somehow missing what they are complaining
about… (i dont mean the lack of joystick issue, im not going to get
into that here)…

what i mean is, does anyone else use the "Z" key to cut the engines so
you can turn and fire while you just keep sliding along in the
original direction of travel, a la the advanced flight model in i-war?
it really makes combat a whole new ballgame…

when this is used in conjunction with the afterburner (tab) to
re-vector your craft, suddenly combat gets a whole lot more
interesting… i generally hit Z right away when i get into combat
range, and from that point forwards, i use nothing but tiny spurts of
my AB to get around… it makes "circle strafing" possible, and makes
it virtually impossible for the AI to target you, because you suddenly
are able to move at very nearly right-angles all the time… and has
the effect of turning your entire craft into one big honking turret…
this makes the normally unweildy and difficult to pilot freighters
(cant steer when in turret targeting mode) suddenly very effective…

it also makes strafing large ships (cruisers, etc) possible, as well
making it much easier to (tiny spoiler) nail immobile objects like
shield generators without getting cut to pieces…

oh yeah and missiles tend to get very confused and miss, especially
when youre suddenly moving at a right angle to your original vector…

anyhow, am i the only one using this feature? once i discovered it and
took some time to master it, it made an otherwise workmanlike combat
experience into a TON of fun, especially in the asteroid fields :)

to those who say they are hating the flight model, i recommend you try
this out… just head into combat, hit Z, and use your AB in tiny
spurts (seriously, like "tap… tap… tap…") and see if it makes it
at least more interesting for you…


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freelancer bug ?

Bug 1: Sound.
Most of the voices are clipped or not appearing at all.
Either in the cut scenes or the inflight messages. In
particular there seem to be no warnings about missile

Leaving the base in the middle of mission 3 – going back
to California Minor I meet 3 ships – no idea what they
say – I can’t hear it but after that can’t dock, use the
lanes or anything. Tried going places but it doesn’t help.

Any ideas?

I have tried – a different sound board, new drivers, new
DirectX, clean boot XP, Fraunhofer Mpeg-3 codec etc. None
of these seem to work I’m afraid.

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what is MOO3?

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i-war 2 questions

Am incredibly impressed with this game, and can’t understand why I
didn’t buy it back in 2001. Two things I haven’t been able to work

Does anybody know if the active sensors actually make a difference?
When should I switch them on?

My ship never seems to get damaged – I die easily enough but stuff
never gets broken and then repaired. Am I just incredibly lucky, or
was this not implemented?


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VE Nova question

Has anybody heard anything good or bad about a game called Escape Velocity
Nova for the PC?  I saw a small wright up on it in PCGamer and I look up the
web site.  Just wondering about Playability and so-on, sence FL was a let


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Freelancer NO CD patch?

hey all,

anyone know if there’s a no cd patch for freelancer?

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Freelancer thoughts and multiplayer info

I have seen a few people ask about this.  Since no one else
answered, I guess I will, but I haven’t gotten really far in
multiplayer by any means.

First I want to say that I have scaled back my love of the
game a bit since when I first posted about it a week or
two ago.  I still think it’s alot like Privateer, and I enjoy
it, but it is really not all that "deep" or interactive.

I’m probably halfway thru the main story.  I have felt
pretty forced to go thru it until now. I know I’m not, and
can decline, or drag my feet going to meet Juni for the
latest suicide mission.  But the roleplaying side of me
wants to deal with it as it comes up.  I think I’m gonna
just race thru the story and be done with it.  I’ve heard
it’s only 13 missions, and I’m on mission 7 or 8.

After going thru that with single player, I really wanted
to be "cut loose" to do what I want, so last night I spent
several hours playing the multiplayer.  There are a ton
of servers to choose from, and they are all "server vaults"
so to speak (NWN lingo).  Chars are saved on the server.

You start with 2k in cash and that weakest ship (Starlifter
or something).  Basically, MP is SP without the story.  You
can see alot of the whole universe on your navmap, but you
are limited to the New York system until you level up some.
So it’s pretty much just do mission after mission and build
up your ship.

I didn’t try cooping with anyone yet.  Been doing my own
thing.  So far it’s fun, and I enjoy it a bit more than SP since
I have the freedom to do what I want. But I have to admit, I
can see it will get boring in the long run.  For one thing I have
already seen a couple of "griefers" who will attack on sight.
You can avoid this by playing on a non-PVP server, but I
didn’t want to do that because I figure part of the fun will be
doing some human dogfighting later when I’m more powerful.

One guy, a level 25, was stalking me all throughout the New
York and Colorado systems. Never giving up. Chasing me
everywhere.  I ended up saying "fuck it" and leaving that

I have also seen people in the level 30+ range that say that
once you get the best ship and weapons, it’s boring.  I’d like
to believe they are just powergamers and didn’t take the time
to explore. But I’m not too optimistic as to how much is out
there to really find.  I kind of wish that there was alot of
hidden stuff, that you had to find, to be really powerful. That
there would be space areas you’d have no hope in, unless you
had been really looking around and finding good hidden stuff.
I don’t KNOW yet that this isn’t the case, I can only say what
I’ve seen other people say.

So far I don’t regret it, because I’ve been enjoying it.  But I hope
that there will be more content added either via patch, expansion,
or user made mod.  It does feel kind of sterile.

I can’t say alot more right now. I just felt obligated to say this since
I had been pretty strongly supporting the game last week.  Having
played it more, I wanted to share my honest feelings.


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