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wow! Alanis Morissette and Derek Smart!

Check out Alanis Morissette’s latest CD, "Under Rugs Swept".  Check
out the second track.  My goodness: could it be that Alanis Morissette
knows Derek Smart? ;-)

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BC help

Hi all,

I’ve just bought BC and am having a problem with it – the game
‘pauses’ every 3 or 4 seconds. The graphics run smoothly between these
pauses, but it is annoying to have the game skip every few seconds.
This pausing happened in the pre-rendered movies as well. Can anyone
help? I have a 1.8Ghz, 712Mb RAM, Geforce 3 system running windows



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I-War 2 Custom_Jafs Mod

Great Mod this one!!
I’m a newbie to the game and was wondering if someone could tell me how to
configure the mod to get a bigger freighter than the default (20 pod).
I’ve heard word that someone configured Jafs to be able to pick up 174 pods
(not sure if this is true) . If it is possible, could some step me through
the process.


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BC Mp gets dull fast

No real mp styles with any substance.

Gets boring real fast.

I can’t understand why they don’t  put something like introduce a territory
capture MP game over 6 or so star systems.

Least that way, a little more to than just phaser..recharge.. phaser..
recharge….Photons.. recharge. No damage modeling in MP as well. Thats

I predict hardly anyone on the Ded. MP servers in about 3 months unless they
add more gametypes.


ps. Email adress is bogus to repel boarders.

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BCM – More major Problems

Yes folks, BCM seems to be having more major problems.
Remember the BOOK that Derek last announced when he was having
problems with BC3000!
Now with Derek having more major problems with BCM he has announced a

where Derek let this out.

Yes folks, the movie industry is really going to be interested in
signing a movie deal with a Ph.D fraud, racist email forger, bankrupt,
proven liar who is actually unable to finish ANYTHING he has

I suspect the major problem is that shortly Derek will announce that
multiplayer has been dropped so he can concentrate on his MOVIE!

This has to be one of Derek’s funniest statements ever.

Will the movie have the freight train in it??

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Yep, Derek loses it again at Voodooextreme


> Actually no, I don’t think I’m better than anyone besides I drive a
> Benz. I KNOW I’m better than most because I’m productive, simply
> brilliant, dedicated, talented, a frigging genius, have an ego even
> Aladdin’s genie would be hard pressed to contain and I have the POWER
> and WILL to do wtf I want. Get it? Good.

…he forgot the part about Mum’s checking account.

The sad thing is that VE story was about the Unreal II delay.

" I can’t help it if I possess a vastly superior intellect
and skillset than most. Its in my nature."" In case you were
wondering, yes, I’m a fucking genius.""I MADE ME."
"Know your place and BOW YOUR HEAD damnit!""..
remember, my comments are NOT designed to win
anyone over. I am me.

-Derek Smart, VE3D comment board, December 2001.

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Inside joke at EB

I was in the local EB friday night, two copies of BCM sat on the back
shelf.  I asked the Manager how it was selling, and what did he think
of the "developer"?
Well, they had alot of returns, one because the buyer was denied tech
support.  Yes, he knew Our Hero, we had a good laugh.

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Re: Battlecruiser: End Game (The Movie)

"Louis J.M" <Loui…@REMOVEWorldnet.att.net> wrote in message


- — -

> That makes two people. Anyone else? Paging down, I found this
> wasn’t the only thing he said. Soon after stating:

> "Wait for Battlecruiser : End Game, the movie based on my creation.
> Not saying anything else at this point; so don’t ask."

> …a few hours later, he replied:

> "Real life movie.

> Don’t worry, with me at the helm, there is NO way they’re going to **** it
> up by introducing non-existent pilgrims in my history timeline.

> Anyway, its still early yet and we’re still negotiating. When it finally
> breaks, it’ll be BIG news and a LOT of people are going to pass out."

> http://www.3000ad.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=7;t=001138;p=2

This is quite clearly insane. No studio in existence would green-light a
project based on a game that sold, at best, a few thousand copies. The whole
point of the movie-of-the-game concept is to tap into a large, pre-created
market –  "Tomb Raider",  or "Resident Evil", for example. Hell, a movie
version of "Tetris" would have more of a chance to be made than a
Battlecruiser movie.

So, what’s next? Miami renames itself "BattleCruiser City"? The creation of
a brand new, totally separate internet – CruiseNet, perhaps – run by Derek
Smart solely with the power of his mind? The government recall of all
American currency, to be replaced with BattleBucks?

The mind, truly, reels.

Kevin "Long Live CruiseNet!" Cogliano

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Help is ST:BC Needed… (Possible Spoilers)

I’m on the mission where I must search for an artifact located on one of
seven planets (Episode 5, Mission 2 – I believe…).  Part of the mission
objectives is to stay 100KM away from any Cardassian ships.

I’m having one hell of a time doing this – I keep getting attacked.  Any


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