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Where can I find cheats for the latest version of I-War?

I’m stuck and I need to be invincible or at least harder to kill for a
little while.  Anyone know how to accomplish this without hours of dedicated

Really, I just want to see the rest of the game.  What I’ve seen so far is
just beautiful.


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Bridge Commander 2nd Mission

Anyone know how to get to the Geki colony?  I’m at the very start of the 2nd
mission.  My first officer is telling me that I need to go to the Geki
colony and drop off some supplies.  Unfortunately, my navigator doesn’t seem
to know about this place.  There are no nav points and it is not listed as a
target I can set course for.



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Bridge Commander & ASUS GeForce 3

LCARS menu system doesn’t show up on the screen of my GeForce3 Win98 system.
Works fine on my GeForce2 WinXP system.  Anybody have a clue?

I’m not having much success with upgrading my video drivers (ASUS web-site
has some broken links).


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Some cool links for you guys

Hi there,
There are a couple of free space-sims out there that you might have already
tried, but IMHO they are now becoming pretty polished products and deserve
another look…

Orbiter – accurate space flight simulation

Celestia – simulates the movements of bodies in space, huge collection of
stars and planets

Both support 3D acceleration and look pretty stunning. Celestia would be a
great place to start for you guys interested in creating a freeformer like
Frontier as the source code is also available.


Niall M.

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Anyone try Bridge Commander

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Brisge Commander Delayed in UK?

Up until yestergay, Gameplay was showing a 01/03 release, now it’s
08/03.  Why is is being delayed?  This sucks goats.

Anyone actually got it?

"I know you all have freedom to speak or write, but you people are doing too
much. Since old man says "NOBody scares shit to avoid, but they avoid
because its f_cking dirty."

- the everloving sokwoo lee

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Bridge Commander Issues (spoilers)

after about 10 hours of play, I have just about decided I dont like this
game.  i mean, i love it… but at the same time i am starting to hate it,
for a few specific reasons… well, i guess just one reason really… AI
that is dumb as a box of rocks… not necessarily enemy ai, mind you… my
own crew’s ai, and friendly ship ai… specifically the combat ai…

the combat ai is just unbelievably stupid… for example, during the
mission where you attack a shipyard with the enterprise… an easy battle,
really, took no damage at all, had all the escorts destroyed and the
station disabled… pretty much just flying around it pounding it… i get
it within about two pixels of destroyed, and what do i see? the
enterprise… flying directly into the station at high speed. enterprise
goes boom, game over. i mean, WTF??

but that isnt the worse of it, by a long shot… the worst is my own ship
AI in combat… say i pick "close distance"… does the ship close? hell
no. half the time, it spins in place like it cant figure out what it is
supposed to be doing. in fact, anything short of "at will" nearly always
results in my ship doing nothing at all, with the speed rapidly (several
times a second) alternating between 0 and 9, back and forth, resulting in
no real movement of the ship… or, say i pick "fore attack" so i can
launch some torps… again, the ai freaks out, does mostly nothing. and
forget trying to effectively control ship facing…

now, granted, this can be overcome by directly controlling the ship
myself… and this is exactly what i have had to do at this point… but
that frankly just pisses me off… why? well, this is SUPPOSED to simulate
starship command… but when was the last time the captain in a star trek
episode had to fly the damn ship himself? i can see it now…

Picard: "lieutenant, close distance with the target."

Lieutenant: "aye, sir."

Picard: " NOW would be good. hello? uhm you might want to SHOOT them now…
oh hell, get up you freaking retard! ill fly this ship myself!"

yeah, like that happens. and this is NOT why i purchased this game. if i
wanted to fly a ship, id play freespace or something…

im going to give it a few more hours to see if it improves, if not i think
its going back to the store… i might get it again if they ever patch the
AI… sigh what a disappointment…


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BC is BS

Bridge Commander is BS.  Yes, this is ridiculous.

Something is seriously wrong with the physics in this game, must be the

Flying an Akira against the Klingon Bird of Prey in QB.  I divert all my
power to engines, hit the 9 key and get to a nice speed of 5197kph and head
directly away from him.  The BOP can only reach a speed of 4700 kph and I
get some seperation of about 130 km.  That’s fine for a few moments but then
the BOP starts to close the distance down to 50 km, but he’s still only
going 4700 according to the lockon while I’m travelling at 5197.  What the
hell is going on here?  Hello McFly.

Also, where in the manual does it give the ranges of your weapons?  Photons
etc.  Must be in the strat guide or too important for a captain to know.

Also, where’s the intrasystem warps in combat?  I want to warp around on the

Where’s the lateral thrusters at low speeds?  If these big boys get in a
tight jam how can they maneuver?  Call in a tug I suppose.

Why’s a planet only 100 km in diameter?  A moon should be bigger than 30 km
and further than 120 km from it’s planet.  The scale is f’d up too.


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Freelancer interview at Gamespy

Finally some new info on Freelancer


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Attention Flamewarriors!

Go here:


You know you’re in there somewhere, don’t deny it! :-)

So far I seem to be a cross between "diplomat" and "evil clown".

Niall M.

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