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Re: OT: Check out this rip-off site ..

On Wed, 14 Nov 2001 07:29:36 -0600, rrevved <ed_b…@nope.com> wrote:


>I thought it was pretty funny, and emailed Bob Mandel
>at AVAULT about it… :)

LOL, nice one :)))
Kick their asses Bob!


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Dans Fens admits his degree is unaccredited

Dans Fens considers Derek a valid PhD. Quote:

"Not only will I not divulge any more information about my qualifications, I
will refer to Derek as Dr Smart."

So Dan if you consider Derek a "Doctor" knowing full well that his degree
was from an unaccredited school listed as a degree mill in Dr. Bear’s book
then that must mean your degree is also unaccredited and from a degree mill
since you regard his degree equal in every way to yours.  Thanks for
admitting that.


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Wizardry 8 Beats BCM to Shelves

Anyone find it interesting that Wizardry 8, in development since god
knows when, hits the shelves before BCM does?  And from the initial
reviews, Wiz 8 is a really good game.

Perhaps some game developer with a sense of humor (which also
immediately eliminates DKS and Cleve-boy) will start embedding jokes in
their games that reference Derek and the flame war.  But then again,
Python’s already done it with the line …"Bring in the machine that
goes *BING*"…what visionaries.

Carry on (as we know we’ll do),


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What do Space Simmers think of the new Star Trek TV franchise,"Enterprise"???

I hadn’t seen squat posted here about it , was just wondering.


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IW2 : playable without a joystick?

Is IW2 enjoyable to play with just a mouse/keyboard combo or do you really
need a thrustmaster jupiter ring mega controller with extendible force
feedback fx?

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CHARTER: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.space-sim

This unmoderated group is for the discussion of space flight
simulation games. Space simulations are games which simulate a  real
or theoretically plausible spacecraft (using either non-fictional or
"science fictional" technology as its basis), and allow players to
manipulate it as if it were real. Examples include X-Wing, Wing
Commander, I-War, Microsoft Space.

This group does not cover the same subject as
comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.flight-sim, although they are related. The
flight-sim group covers simulation within realistic parameters using
contemporary or historical technology within an Earth-atmosphere.
This group is concerned with flight outside a terrestrial atmosphere
using real or hypothetical technology under realistic or unrealistic

This group also does not cover the same subject as
comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action, although they are related. The action
group covers games with simple controls and simple goals. Space-sims
generally allow for complex and detailed vehicle manipulation, while
incoporating complex goals in "missions" that may require several
steps to achieve.

The following types of articles are not part of the charter:

- articles which contain personal attacks of any sort, ad hominem
  arguments, etc.
– blank messages, test messages, MAKE.MONEY.FAST, binaries,
  uuencoded messages, spam messages.
– Advertisements unreated to space-simulation computer gaming or
  computer gaming hardware.


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Dan Fens *is* a Neural Network(tm)

Given Derek’s recent ramblings and admissions on the use of neural
networks, and Ai modeling, I suupose Derek feels he has something to
prove to the public.  Since BCM is not available to laugh at, I submit
to you that Dan Fens in fact *is* a neural network created in the name
of DKS.  

Now I say "in the name of" because we know Derek hasn;t worked with NN
prior to BC*.* and he probably "hired someone from <fill in country> to
do the work for him."  That person is likely still awaiting payment for
his work.

Now for you doubters, bear with me.  Why create someone as lame as Dan
Fens?  Easy.  Derek has a God Complex.  And being such a deity, it is
natural for him to create an NN in his own "image".  Thus behold DF,
complete with idiosyncratic spelling and mannerisms, and complete with a
fake PhD.  And if DF is truly a NN based on DKS’s neural engrams, is not
DF=DKS?  How can we explain this using Derekology?  I’m working on my
PhD, you know….


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Re: Check out this rip-off site ..

Seems they changed the name and website URL now…. Now its 3d gaming
world.. hehe

"rrevved" <ed_b…@nope.com> wrote in message


> I was on a legitimate flight sim site ( www.flightsim.com ) and
> I saw a banner ad for 3D gaming glasses:

>  http://image.ugo.com/ads/eDimensional/flightsim.jpg

=119&Segments=138,145,245,287,654,782,1117,1184,1202,1297,1379,1389,1453,14 8
1,1486,1495,1527,1536&Targets=79,119,1150,1157,1206,1215&Values=25,31,43,48 ,
50,60,77,83,93,100,110,150,152,197,210,214,302,531,596,638,651,682,731,740, 7

- — -

> (long-ass URL may not work.)

> Being interested, I clicked the thing and ended up at their site:

>  http://www.edimensional.com/indexfs.html

> I looked at their product page:

>  http://www.edimensional.com/3d_glasses.html

> Still interested, I clicked on their ‘read the reviews’ section:

>  http://www.edimensional.com/review.html

> I clicked on one of their ‘review’ links. It took me to:

>  http://www.3dgamingreview.com/

> Hmm.. that ’3dgamingreview’ site looks a lot like
> Adrenaline Vault’s website .. ;)

> Check it out:

>  http://www.avault.com

> I then did a WHOIS on EDIMENSIONAL.COM and on
> 3DGAMINGREVIEW.COM . Guess what? It seems they are
> owned by the same people ..:)

> Query: edimensional.com

> Registrant:

>    Newman, Nathan (EDIMENSIONAL3-DOM)
>    4197 N. Haverhill Rd #211
>    West Palm Beach, FL 33417
>    US

>    Domain Name: EDIMENSIONAL.COM

>    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
>       Newman, Nathan  (FGADMIFGGI)  nate…@AOL.COM
>       4197 N. Haverhill Rd #211
>       West Palm Beach, FL  33417
>       US
>    Domain servers in listed order:


> =====

> Query: 3dgamingreview.com

> Registrant:

>    Anthony Marotta
>    4197 N. Haverhill Rd. #211
>    West Palm Beach, FL 33417
>    United States

>    Domain Name: 3DGAMINGREVIEW.COM

>    Administrative Contact:
>       Marotta, Anthony  mydo…@yahoo.com
>       4197 N. Haverhill Rd. #211
>       West Palm Beach, FL 33417
>       United States
>       561.385.5441

>    Technical Contact:
>       Marotta, Anthony  mydo…@yahoo.com
>       4197 N. Haverhill Rd. #211
>       West Palm Beach, FL 33417
>       United States
>       561.385.5441

>    Domain servers in listed order:
> =================

> So, in a nutshell, not only have these losers apparently ripped
> off the website code from AVAULT, they are sending you to
> that phony ‘review’ site site to read THEIR reviews and THEIR
> editorials about THEIR product!

> I thought it was pretty funny, and emailed Bob Mandel
> at AVAULT about it… :)

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Happy BCM Ships Day! [Nov 16 version]

Anyboby seen it yet?

  I miss the old advertisments}


old quote:

> > There are some differences with it and the one I had, mine said
> > "She > really wants it" at the top but had no panties. :-)
> > Anyone can say which one is legit?.
> They both are – this was one of a set of ad’s that really sparked off
> some advertising trouble in the UK. They [whoever they are] said the
> original one was too provocative and had to air-brush in some panties.
> The model is Jo Guest

  Charles. 8-)

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[web] New Review at Gamers' Press – "ATI RADEON 7500"

Hi folks,

The Gamers’ Press has just published its review of ATI’s RADEON 7500 video
card.  You can read the full feature at

We hope you’ll stop by!



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