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IW2 and saving?

Can you save during a mission or only at base? I was enjoying the 2nd
mission of delivering a package till I was killed halfway through the
mission and realized I had to load all the way back at the beginning of the

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Re: "Terror suspects identified" – Boston Herald

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you wrote:


>Hub terror suspects ID’d: Bush vows retaliation after devastating

>by Ed Hayward, Tom Farmer and Cosmo Macero Jr.

>Wednesday, September 12, 2001

>Authorities in Massachusetts identified at least five Arab men as
>suspects in yesterday’s terror attacks launched from Logan
>International Airport, seizing in the central parking garage a car
>laden with Arabic-language flight training manuals, sources said last

What you don’t hear is how Bin Laden has had, shall we say, links with
the US government before this tragedy.

This link –  http://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO109C.html – is a
good place to get info on this.

Chris ‘Hoping to avoid World War 3′ McMullen

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Wanted: sim with recordable demos

Hi. I am looking for some kind of sim game which has a recordable demo
feature. Space sims are OK, as are "mech sims" such as Heavy Gear II,
and racing sims (eg Need For Speed)

The main criteria:

(1) Must have recordable demo
(2) Not too much blood and guts
(3) Creates a good sense of motion.

I’m looking for something that gives a sense of motion, I need to record
such a demo for for a scientific study, so the game doesn’t even have to
be terribly enjoyable, as long as it’s possible to record something that
creates a sense of motion.

Old games are also OK.



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IWar 2 – How the heck do you use flare ???

Man I’m so pissed off !!! How the hell do I use Countermeasures ???
Why there isn’t a key for countermasures ??? What the hell is this !!!
Sorry but I’m frustrated with the damn manual, jeeez what’s next
incomplete rough readme file instead of manual ??? One of the most
important thing during a combat and its not even properly documented.
What the heck am I flying a damn space kid school bus ?????????????
I like the game, the missions a bit tough sometimes but it REALLY sucks
for a game like this to have such a crappy manual…

Yes I have the launcher loaded on my ship as well as 20 flares…

what really sucks is that I can’t modify the keyboard keys directly
in the game…

Can anyone please explain to me how do I use countermeasures ?

Thanks for your help…


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Re: OT? –> Nuke Mecca: And other sane ideas for world peace

On Mon, 17 Sep 2001 01:57:25 -0500, rrevved <ed_b…@nope.com> wrote:

>Nuke Mecca
>And other sane ideas for world peace

>By Dr. Jack Wheeler
>Sunday, September 16, 2001


Nukes are such fun! Aren’t they Ed?


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i war 2… overall judgement? i am fence sitting

i haven’t really enjoyed a space shooter game since… well, since
privateer, really.

i am sort of curious with this one, but i am afraid it will seem stale
and bland when i actually get into the game, in the same way that
x-BTF felt for me…

just sort of pointless and empty, even with the rich universe.

so to those of you who have logged a good number of hours in the game
so far: what do you think? is it satisfying to you?

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Are there any games where you can take out planets? Or nuke them?

I was watching the last episode of Lexx Season 3 last night in which
the Lexx blows both the planets of Fire and Water (which turn out to
be hell and heaven respectively) – and I was wondering if there are
any space sim games, apart from BC3000AD in which you could nuke a
planet, in which you can actually destroy whole planets. Preferably
at will, not just as part of the plot.

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I-WAR2: reuse old savegames?

Hello i’ve just installed i-war2 on a new system and tried to reuse old
savegames. But altough i’ve got a backup of the directories, i can’t load

What do i need to do, to continue playing on my new system?

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BCM almost gold?


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Am lucky to be alive ….

Hi guys –

I am lucky to be alive today. I am currently interviewing for a job at
Morgan Stanley, and was scheduled for my interview, in the World Trade
Center, at 9am.

I arrived downtown off the 2/3 subway line at around 8:15, got some coffee,
and sat outside at the promenade. It was a beautiful, sunny morning, about
70 degress. A few minutes laterm, all of a sudden, you could hear the whine
of jet engines, really loud and really close.

*BOOOOOMMMMM****. The building was hit. I was less than 100 feet from the
building. I ran, along with about 200 other people. I continued running onto
Trinity/Church street, and turned to look back, to see debris and paper
raining down where I had just been sitting.

The police by this time were running around, blowing whistles, and I
proceeded to Broadway, as over the next few minutes they got the situation
under control. No one suspected it was terrorism, yet.

Then, a little after nine, a second plane comes into the picture. *WHAM*,
the explosion is even *LOUDER*. Fireball runs up the side of the building, a
few bodies fall out. People are screaming.

I begin walking up broadway. A little while later, when I am about 10 blocks
away, looking back, the whole damn thing collapses. The dust cloud catches
me up, and I am covered in gray soot. My cell phone is out, so I cant call
my wife.

I finally get a cab about 15 minutes later, and get home. My wife is there,
crying hysterically with my new baby.

Crazy day. Makes you appreciate what you got.

Prayers for those not as lucky as me….

and death to those responsible.

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