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IWar2: Bug in end of act 2


Has anyone else noticed this one?  After blowing up all the bases you get
the cutscene with ranting Maas cutscene.  If you press space to skip this
you appear straight at the L-point, with NO enemy ships.  You get the speech
from hoffer about taking out the carrier and then he says ‘I knew we’d do it
etc…’ straight away.  I flew back to base and the mission was completed!
No fight, nothing.  Quite nice actually cos I kept getting wasted, but still
not right.

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Re: Breaking News about EB Stores

I will believe it when I see it since I just returned a game and had a nice
talk with the EB manager (no, it was not about BCM) since he and I are big
flight sim enthusiasts. He made no mention of this new return policy. If
this is true, the EB will lose a lot of business IMHO.


"rrevved" <edb…@nope.com> wrote in message


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> On Fri, 03 Aug 2001 01:14:56 GMT, "David Schleusener" <davidr…@home.com>

> >An employee at my local Electronics Boutique says that there return
> >is going to change as of August 9th.  No more returns unless it is
> >and then only exchange for the same.

> They are preparing for the August 9th release of Battlecruiser Millenium..

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BCM – Smart Threat – I'm Doomed!

Shit the anticipation of eminent doom has built to a frenzied peak. I’ve now
waited 2 years, I don’t know how much more preparation time I can stand! In case
someone forgot, here I’ll repost it.

*****Mr. Smart announces my doom************
From: dsm…@pobox.com (Derek Smart)
Subject: Re: BC3K v2.0x demo on PC Gaming (UK)
Date: 02 Aug 1999 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <37a6df34.48434189@news.mindspring.com>
Organization: 3000AD
X-Server-Date: 2 Aug 1999 00:04:53 GMT
Reply-To: dsm…@pobox.com
Newsgroups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.space-sim,comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic

On Sun, 1 Aug 1999 16:20:02 -0500, "Dan" <d…@earthlink.net> wrote:


>I’d take that as an indication that he has contacted authorites and been
>advised not to.  Seems logical.

I’m going to say this one last time for the comprehension impaired.

1. I have contacted the authorities
2. I have *two* attorneys and an investigator on this
3. I have a consultant who specializes in prosecuting Internet laws
    and free speech, going through this whole farce. Why? because this
    sort  of law is murky and I have *no* intentions of losing by a
   technicality or a ‘gotcha’.
4. We are in contact with NCR. In fact, up to last Friday we obtained
    his direct office drop box (9515) to which his summons will be
   sent. The one for NCR will be sent to the right person up the food
   chain once the time comes.

When I went after Spookie, Louis etc, every said I was bluffing and
that fool (spookie) actually posted email destined for me in which
Mindspring acknowledged the complaint etc.

I am *not* bluffing about this and one way or another, no matter how
many times Bill changes his site, his story and his stance, the full
weight of the law will come bearing on him and he will *not* be *any*
closer to the information that he is ridiculing me for. That *much* I
know for a *fact*.

I gave him an out, several times and over 2 years ago. He opted to
continue this farce. Everything has been said. He wants to jeapardize
his life and work over some stupid game, let him.

>JackyO, you asked me if I believed the info was passed onto louis. I said I
>believed it possible.  You don’t believe it possible?

The info *was* passed on  and it is part of my complaint. There are a
*lot* of legal things going on and no amount of trolling by jackyo is
going to make me reveal them. That much, is obvious is it not Jackyo?

Derek Smart, Ph.D.
Designer/Lead Developer
The Battlecruiser Series

"It’s not everyone telling me it can’t be done that bothers me.
It’s them interrupting me while I’m doing it!"

Bill Huffman
bhuff…@FRAUDsan.rr.com, remove the FRAUD to email me

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New Column at Gamers' Press – "The Straight Scoop"

Hi folks,

After a 16-month hiatus, the Gamers’ Press has published a brand new issue
of "The Straight Scoop" (what do you mean you don’t care?) – a weekly news
roundup with a difference.  This week’s issue includes info on EB’s return
policy, Gen*Con, hookers, Liz Hurley, artichokes, and progressive rock.

We’d really appreciate if y’all gave it a chance at
http://www.gamerspress.com/article.php?sid=348.  Thanks alot, and please
give us your feedback on whether you’d like to see this type of column as a
weekly feature – or maybe even a weekly e-mail ‘zine type thingy.

On the other hand if you hate it, be gentle – I have a very fragile ego and
could snap at any minute…


Michael Askounes
Sr. Contributing Editor

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New Editorial at Gamers' Press – "The Yard Sale"

Hi folks,

The Gamers’ Press has just posted a new "Spike’s Corner" entitled "The Yard
Sale".  It basically talks about how (or how not) to run a computer gaming
yard sale, and the types of people you should expect to encounter at such a
function.  Here’s a quick excerpt that illustrates what finally made the
author decide to sell his games:

However, the final straw came just this past spring, when the life of my one
year old – Otto Ludwig Blensten – was tragically cut short when a copy of
Ultima IX Dragon Edition fell off of the top shelf of my closet and landed
on his head, killing him instantly. After burying him with the cloth map of
Britannia and the Collector’s Edition Ankh, I knew it was time to box up my
games, and bid farewell to them.

The link to the editorial is http://www.gamerspress.com/article.php?sid=332,
and we’d appreciate it if you all would give it a read.  I hope you enjoy
it, and hope you’ll visit our site more in the future.


Michael Askounes
Sr. Contributing Editor

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FS: X-Wing VS TIE Fighter – buy it now for only $5!

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I-War 2: bigger != better?

What’s the point of the corvette? I think the Patcom is a much better
ship… it has only one medium weapon hardpoint less than the corv, but
it’s much (much much) faster and more maneuverable than it. The only
advantage that the corvette may have might be better armor; but by my
experience those situations where I’m getting shot up so badly that there I
no getting away (usually when a whole gang of enemies are hitting me so
hard I go spinning uncontrollably through space – is that a certain weapon
that is doing that to me or is it just an effect of being hit by many beams
at once? Anyway, I yet have to see that happen to any enemy *I* hit…)
then it’s quickly over at ant rate, and the extra 3 seconds the corvette
would last in that situation won’t make much difference (whereas the
patcoms speed would make quite a difference in not getting in such a
situation in the first place)…

With my loadout of 2 Neutron PBCs, 2 Gatlings and a cutting beam (and
several packs of missiles I never use) I have all the weaponry I need to
shoot up wings of multiple corvettes escorting Maas superfreighters without
breaking a sweat (actually the corvettes are the easier prey, the
interceptors that sometimes fly in those escorts are much more dangerous if
not dealt with fast and decisivly, IMHO) and now that I’ve gotten a pair of
Assault Cannons, I don’t even have to worry about running out of Gatling
Ammo anymore…

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SC Mission Trouble

I am having trouble with a mission in Starfleet Command (Gold Edition).
The mission is the one where I have to capture my counterpart ship in
enemy space. I am unable to avoid the light cruisers for long enough to
get my ship to appear (or do I have to destroy/capture them first?). I
have tried using sensor decoy shuttles and plain speed to avoid them. My
fleet consists of a CC+ and an FFG. The CC+ is equipped with all veteran
officers and has a full complement of installable parts, whereas the FFG
has all juniors save a veteran in Engineering, and has minimal installable
parts. Any suggestions?

— Skylar Thompson (sky…@attglobal.net)

P(4.2.2) + "Skylar DXXXXIX" DMPo L:36 DL:2500′ A++ R+++ Sp w:Stormbringer
A(JLE)*/P*/Z/J64/Ad L/O H+ D+ c f-/f PV+ s TT- d++/d+ P++ M/M+
C- S++ I+/I++ So B+ ac GHB++ SQ++ RQ+ V+ F:JLE F: Possessors strong again

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IWar2: Adjusting "dead zone"

Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust the joystick "dead zone" in
IWar 2?  Now that I’ve reverted to the 1.0 drivers, my MS Sidewinder 3d
Pro is working again, but the poor thing’s picked up the tiniest little
bit of a wobble.  Not enough to deter my ability to play the game, but
enough to be annoying.

Alternatively, do you think that taking the thing apart and messing about
with its innards would be any help?

Kevin McGuire  University of Pennsylvania
Spelling tip:  I win, you _lose_.  You are the _loser_ of the game.
               This XXL shirt is really _loose_.  I can’t see how it could
               be _looser_.

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I-War 2: Stealing the construction platform

What am I supposed to do in the mission where I have to steal a
construction platform for the League’s Haven Station project? I fly to the
rendedzvous point, pick up the cutting drone, and fly to the target
waypoint… and then what? I tried parking away from the target to avoid
detection and then send in the drone slowly, just as with the ‘graffiti
drone’ in the League Initiation mission. But when the drone gets close, it
causes an alarm, and the defenses scramble to attack my ship.
I don’t get any new mission objectives, or hints from Clay, when I arrive,
either, so I don’t really have an idea how to solve this mission. Because
this apparently is supposed to be a ‘stealth’ mission I did not try the
brute force method (taking on the defenders, if that’s even possible, they
seem to be quite numerous)
Any hints are welcome…

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