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I-War 2: Act 1, arming gunstar platforms

Forget what the actual mission name was but I seem to be having some
problems getting past this mission.  

This is the mission where you have to go to arm the gunstar platforms
and after arming three you get set upon.  I’ve tried for over 10 times
to finish this mission but either get blown to pieces by the
destroyer, sometimes colliding with stuff or having the gap blow up on

Last try I at least managed to destroy the destroyer, but the lone
fighter was destroying the gap.  Mission ended in failure.

I’ve tried to activate all the gunstars but only got to the 4th before
other two got destroyed, even had one blowup under me while trying to
activate it.  I’ve tried to knock out the fighters but the destroyer
keeps sending it out one at a time, and by the last fighter, can’t
kill the destoyer before the fighter blows up the gap or if I try for
the fighter, the destroyer pounds my butt.

HELP!  Hints/spoilers welcomed.

Stephen or any other Particle Systems’ people, a suggestion for the
next I-War game, would be nice to be able to skip missions if they
cannot be finished, or better yet, being able to finish missions in a
non-linear fashion.  A game could still have missions with some
missions in a linear fashion but a number of other missions that may
not directly affect the outcome of the end result to be done at any
point in time (not talking about distress calls) just to make the game
a little more non-linear.

Like in Tachyon it had a job board that you can pick which job you
wanted to do first, it was somewhat linear but because you had the
choice to pick with job to do first, it made it feel somewhat
non-linear.  In I-War 2, there could have been random missions to do
from the stepsons or for other factions like escort duty, smuggling a
cargo in or out, etc. that would not impact upon the final outcome.

Just some thoughts.

"Well, had you told me that, it would have save me having to type. I
guess you really don’t have answers to the tough questions. Oh well,
it is your right to killfile me. No worries." – The PhD Fraud

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EBworld Playing with BC reviews again….

    I was checking out new releases to I went on over to the BC page and now
you cant even view ANY reviews, clicking on the link just reloads the BC
info page, any other game works fine…

Eb really screwed themselves by aligning with Derek Smart. They lost just
about all credibility with me….

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I-War 2: Persistent Pursuers

Ok, in early Act 1 I was hanging out at the Blackeye L-Point, gathering up
some loot, when a pair of pirate transports came jumping in, escorted by
four corvette class ships. 4-on-1 odds were a bit to risky for my taste,
especially considering I did not want to lose the consideralbe amount of
booty Jafs hat already carried home to a reload, so I took the prudent
choice and … well … ran for it. But I did not get very far, cause I was
hit by an LDSI a couple of klicks out. No big deal, I sped ahead on normal
thrusters, waiting for it’s effect to wear off, and just when it was about
to, I did a 180, fired an LDSI of my own at the guys, returned to my old
heading and resumed my escape – but not for long, as only a couple of
seconds later, *another* LDSI hit me, and guess what I saw on my contact
list? Yes, the same guys, *LDS*-ing in on my position. I tried that game
until my LDSIs ran out, but they were always able to catch up with me.
Of course that begs a number of questions.

1) Why did those guys even *bother* to pursue me? Other than the fact that
they were ‘hostile’ (red) right from the start, I did nothing to provoke
them, so why to they abandon their escortees to track a lone, unimprotant
tug across half the system? Makes little sense to me…

2) Just *how* long are their sensor ranges? I was several seconds of
full-speed LDSI flight away, they had vanished from *my* sensors long ago,
and yet they’re still able to hit me with an LDSI and pinpoint my location?
Top-notch military grade sesors or what?

3) Most importantly, *how* were they able to LDS after me within just a
couple of seconds anfter being hit my *my* LDSI (Can they miss? But then
again, 6 misses out of 6? While they scored 6 hits out of 6? what are the
odds for that? And I’m pretty sure those bright green flashes I saw were
the LDSI going off, so they must have hit *something*)

Suffice it to say, I was shortly thereafter left trying to breathe vacuum,
wondering how this could have happened in my last seconds…

[Insert joke here.]                                                       —-
a…@studcs.uni-sb.de (Andreas Baus)

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Re: EB prevents reading of Battlecruiser Millennium user previews ..

- — -

On Wed, 25 Jul 2001 04:31:19 -0500, rrevved <edb…@nope.com> wrote:

> Mo’ funnies..

> I went to Electronics Boutique’s online site at
> http://www.ebgames.com  ,tonight to check the status
> of an order. While there, I went to the Battlecruiser Millennium
> page. It says there are over 40 user ‘previews’ for BCM, but
> attempting to read them simply reloads the main BCM page.

> You can’t read the user previews anymore, at least I can’t.  
> I tried several other titles and the user reviews/previews
> worked fine.

> Maybe The Supreme Commander told his ‘partners’ at EB that
> he didn’t want to see any more user opinions posted about his
> troubled, upcoming game. Since most of the posters there had
> probably experienced the BM ‘Episode’ demos, maybe their
> comments were giving the world-at-large a little more truth
> than Derek and his ‘partners’ could handle.

> Here’s the BM page, with (non-working) user preview link at
> the bottom:

> http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/categories/products/product.asp?pf_id=199503

> Here are some comparison pages of new and upcoming PC and
> console games. Their user previews/reviews work fine.

> http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/categories/products/product.asp?pf%5Fid=19…
> http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/categories/products/product.asp?pf_id=182919
> http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/categories/products/product.asp?pf_id=197711
> http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/categories/products/product.asp?pf_id=167412
> http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/categories/products/product.asp?pf%5Fid=20…
> http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/categories/products/product.asp?pf_id=173436

EB has removed ALL user previews from

Derek must have whined and threatened them with one of his fake
lawsuits and they pulled them all. Unless little Derek is going to vet
everyone of them and only allow the ones written by his sycophants
that suck up to him be posted?

This is much more fun than BCM will ever be!!!

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Javascript meter updated

I’ve applied another bugfix to the Javascript quitmeter as a result of
a bug found by slackr to do with the way it handled dates towards the
end of the month in long months.  I’d be grateful if people could have
another look and make sure the output tallies with their current
meters.  I’d be particularly grateful if people with a quit date on or
later than the 25th day of the month would check it.

The URL is: –




CAUTION! Do Not Look Into Laser With Remaining Eye.

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SFC2: How good was it?

I remember posts awhile back, saying it wasn’t as good as SFC1.  
And also something about the Dynaverse not working.

So what are people’s opinions about SFC2, with all the latest patches?
And what about the dynaverse?  What is going to happen with it?  Is
SFC2 worth getting at all ?

And, what about Orion Pirates?  someone said that Orion Pirates is
basically SFC2 with pirates and a working dynaverse….but …the
games are not identical are they (otherwise?)  Details, please….?

Somebody set up us the bomb
All your base are belong to us

-Falkentyne Dragon

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If you haven’t gotten "involved" with this game, run, don’t walk, to get
signed up.  The pilot episode is free.  It is an incredibly immersive,
online, in your face experience – one not to be missed.


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Re: BCM has … Trees … on the planets and ..

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001 00:10:40 -0500, rrevved <edb…@nope.com> wrote:
> Using sophisticated flocking
> technology,

LOL I think I just pisted myself !
"flocking technology" and sophisticated at that ! LOL
Could this be the pending patent pending ?

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Re: Derek Smart's new game ..

- — -

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001 02:42:40 -0500, rrevved <edb…@nope.com> wrote:

> http://www.voodooextreme.com/comments.taf?postid=18284

>Derek Smart says:

>NOW, let me me show you some never-before-seen shots from a
>yet-to-be-announced game based on the BCM engines. Since these have
>*very* high poly counts and *very* high texture sizes (this product
>will *not* support Voodoo 3 boards), here is what some of the assets
>from that product, look like.

>You will see a space/planetary experimental attack craft. Complete
>with animated profile wings, missile launches, gun barrel, canopy (the
>pilots climb in/out) etc. You will also see an urban assault vehicle,
>a combat rifle, pistol etc.
>All created for this new game (its a console-type shooter) and each of
>those assets, clocks in at over 2000 polys.

>In fact, we are building and entire city comprised of roughly 10K
>polys *per block*. The city is the size of Manhattan.

>ALL the assets for this product are created with high definition
>polys/textures in mind…and the BCM engines don’t even croak.

>Now, take a look at that urban assault vehicle, and tell me it doesn’t
>blow the one in Halo or Planetside away :-)

>I will be deleting these shots later tonite. These images are
>copyrighted and should not appear ANYWHERE on the Net without my
>permission. You HAVE been warned.


So has BCM gone gold? Or is this just more vapourware from the Ph.D
fraud himself.

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I-war2: any way of avoidin the L-jump


any way of avoiding the annoying L-point jump the autopilot makes me do?
If I want to go to for ex. Alexander, it takes me through an L-point
which is much slower than just driving there with LDS (especially if
there’s traffic on the L-point!)

Oddly, I loved this game when I strated playing it, but have now become
more and more frustrated with it. Some missions take over 10 minutes of
cutscenes and transfers before you get to see any action, which would be
OK if you could save. Then you die and you do it again and again and
again. Gets boring..

Anyway, thanx for help!


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