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Battlecruiser Millennium held hostage…countdown

Hey Pat

since you are the initiator of the ‘Battlecruiser held hostage’
threads, going back several years, I was wondering if you were
planning another one in June. Lemme know and I’ll give you a date that
I definitely plan on missing, so that we can get the thread going <g>

Derek Smart Ph.D.
Designer/Lead Developer
The Battlecruiser Series
Imagine It. Do it. No limits

"Derek’s killphilter is so amazingly advanced, some people
arrive on Usenet pre-plonked." – Usenet’s Lemming

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Funny thing…

I was playing JumpGate the other night and saw a fellow BZ’r in the game.
The next thing you know another BZ player started this thread on the
BattleZone 2 forum….


None of us knew the others were playing it.  More talk about JumpGate on the
BZ forum than the space sim newsgroup.


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Pick your date when BCM will be released

Lets see who can pick the closest date when BCM actually ships a CD
for EB to sell.


1/    The cd must be the gold version of BCM, not the patch to stop it
crashing, or the patch to fix up the patch to stop it crashing.

2/    In the event of a tie, the first person to post  the correct
date wins.

3/   Derek Smart and anybody who has anything to do with BCM  *ARE*
able to post (They have no idea when it is going to ship either,)

4/    First prize is yet to be decided

5/    Only one pick per person (No sock puppets plase)

6/   Any other rules that are made up go here.

7/   The judges decision is final, no correspondence will be entered
in unless such correspondence contains a piece of mars metal or a copy
of *ALL*  the planets that NASA decretely mapped.

So my prediction for when BCM will ship is 11/11/2001

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BCM PC Zone demo

This month’s PC Zone is carrying the BCM demo. I couldn’t help smiling
when I noticed their write-up – "There are a couple of compatibility
issues with this demo, and you may find it doesn’t install properly…"

Anton Misroi
ICQ: 104547941

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Independence War 2 – Edge Of Chaos Screenshots

PVR Extremist has posted some new IW2:EOC screenshots, taken on the PowerVR
Kyro II graphics board.


Best regards,

– Steve
Stephen Robertson
Senior Designer
Particle Systems


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My BCM timeline

Here’s my timeline of BCM!

I’ll say 8/2/01 for the gold version.   but here’s my timeline of events.

8/10/01  patch to correct the game from crashing your system when the game

8/16/01 patch to fix the crash at Main Menu.

8/20/01 patch to fix the crash at Options Menu.

9/03/01 patch to fix the crash at Begin New Game.

9/10/01 patch to fix the stuttering graphics.

9/16/01  patch to fix the D3D crash.  All video cards  must disable bilinear

9/29/01  patch to fix sound.  Sound now works!

10/21/01 patch to fix mouse lag.  All mice should now work within the game.

10/31/01 patch to fix resolution problems.  Hardware acceleration now
supports resolutions up to 800×600.  There are still artifacts like flashing
Menu and flashing Space, but they should have a fix, soon.

11/24/01  patch to fix the copy protection bug.  The game should load AT
LEAST 50% of the time, WITHOUT freezing.

12/4/01  patch to fix the AI.  They AI should now respond to being attacked.

12/30/01  patch to fix speed issues for INTEL users.  AMD users can now play
the game.  3DNOW technology now supported!  For Intel users, a P4 1.4 with a
GeForce (GeForce 2 series is not supported by BCM yet) should run the game
640×480 at FPS of 10-15.  By disabling sound, you should see FPS of 12-18.
AMD users should not use a 3D accelerator at this time.

01/04/02 announce a new version of BCM.  Battlecruiser Millennium Ultra
Extreme!  Basically, BCM re-released with all the patches installed.

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ST: Bridge Commander


There is a release date for ST: Bridge Commander which is 20th May 2001.
This month !! WOW!!

Is this accurate?



May thee expect great humorous bits here
when I find my Greatest BITS Book.


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Edge of Chaos-can't seem to join a game

I’ve downloaded the Edge of Chaos internet multiplayer beta, registered, and
used the connection phone number given. But when I click on a server to join
I just get a looping sound, and it doesn’t join, anybody managed to get in
to play?

Is there any way to get into a ship without joining an internet game?

Thanks in advance.


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Tachyon Fringe Question

Before you get arrested for the hospital mission, is it a good idea to max
out your money ie: sell one of your ships? Do your credits carry over into
the fringe?

Teacher Booth Memorial Senior High
I teach therefore I am ?

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Re: Games World…

Just what the web needs – another fricking page of links. At this rate there’ll be nothing but links and no actual
content by the year 2003.

Chris McMullen

- — -

games…@thegamestation.com wrote:
> World Of Games has just opened! i have picked my favourite links so you don’t have to!… http://cityofgames.tripod.com/

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