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test post

 i sent a post before but it seems to have failed

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Sidewinder Force Feedback 2…looking for opinions…


I am thinking of buying this new stick to replace me Sidewinder Precision
Pro. What do you think? I have never used FF before in a sim so I don’t know
what it is like…


please reply to me via email


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Check it out…

Check out this Gaming web site I’m part of and let me know what you


I would like your opinions or suggestions.

You can reply here or from the site on the Contact Us page.


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Space cowboy type sims

 My quest for the modern ‘Frontier’ space cowboy type game still goes on.
X-Beyond the Frontier is complete mince. So lets forget about it.

I would like to know what peoples thoughts are on Terminus and Privateer.
Can you land on their planets? wow

I,ve read all the reviews but I would to like to hear from people who have
thoroughly played through them and  whenever it could be compared with

I’ll think I’ll wait to what you guys have to say before I run out and buy
the next game.


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BCM previews and NDA's in general

I just got this month’s Maximum PC and found an article by the editor
that I feel affects not only BCM but *all* software or hardware
previews. Last month Max PC polled their readers about NDA’s and
previews/reviews. The results of the poll was amazing. The overwhelming
reader sentiment was that it’s better to print information on a product
that has been gathered with no strings attached rather than info
gathered with stipulations, even if this means giving up an edge to
competing magazines. This poll has caused Max PC to change its NDA
policy to the point of basically not reviewing or previewing items that
require an NDA or in extreme cases, put a disclaimer on the article. I
think is a great idea.

So often you read a glowing preview of a game then only to have it stink
when you install it at home. So, as we all know previews should be taken
with a grain of salt anyway but this just solidifies that notion. So
when certain "developers" crow about the glowing previews their game is
receiving, note that that magazine or site had to sign an NDA to get the
"scoop" on the game and are subject to censorship by the

I laud Max PC in their efforts and hope this becomes a trend in the
industry.I think this will allow gamers/consumers to become more
selective and eliminate all of the "hype" (generated by the
vendors)surrounding new releases or products.


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Hi I have updated my site ,

Troffmeister’s Simulation Zone


With an awesome WARGASM Gallery

Troffmeister :-)

Roger " Troffmeister " Davies


Icq 58124596

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Latest on Freelancer and Starlancer

I run a website with hundreds of fan-made ships for Starlancer, lots of news
on Freelancer and an all in all really great community. Check it out,
comments are welcome! :-)

Best Regards
Christian "Bargib" Koerner
Editor In Chief, The Lancers Reactor

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X-Tension: First impressions

I just received the game in the mail yesterday, and spent 5 hours last
night playing it ( much to the chagrin of my wife ).

First impressions are everything, and this game gave me a good one.

The graphics….. wonderful.

The music….. wonderful.

I have yet to engage someone in combat ( partially because I didn’t
want to get blown to smithereens ), but I enjoy the trading, the
missions, and generally just flying around.

I bought myself x-gold. It installs x-btf and x-tension. I naturally
downloaded the v1.4-2.0 patch for x-tension and am playing that.

I understand that x-btf was the forerunner, although I’m not sure if
I’ll ever play it, except for posteritys sake. I know that since both
games are open-ended, not sure there’s much point to giving a lot of
time to x-btf.

Anyway, great job Egosoft. It always amazes me that I have cupboards
full of computer games, and yet here’s one that I had never even heard
of 2 weeks ago, and now here it is, offering serious competition to my
teamfortressclassic addiction :)

Here’s to playing online soon.

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Starfleet Command 2 slowdown

The main map screen has slown down to the point of unuseability. Has
this happened with anyone else?

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SE IV questions

I am playing the demo, and have the following ques:

1 – when sending colony ships to create bases in systems that need to be
warped to, there are NEVER any population units on the new planets – thus,
nothing can be constructed. This only happens to colonies OUTSIDE my home

2 – What do the three resource icons stand for? The blue one, the red one,
the green one – what is what?

3 – How can I increase the # of facilities that can be constructed on a

There are NO docs that come with the demo, just a very lousy tutorial.

Any help would be appreciated.

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