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V5 FSAA and Glide problem (EAW, I-War)

With FSAA on in any glide games that have any sort of padlock (with a
red/green target box), I get some wierd effects. If the target box hits the
edge of the screen, it leaves a trail of dots, green dots if it is a green
box, (and red, respectively). I’ve seen this in both EAW and I-War.

Using Voodoo 5 5500, latest drivers.


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More Tachyon help….

Go tth emenu problem fixed, and so far I love this game. I am, however, a
little stumped. I’m currently trying to complete the Crystal Hunt mission. I
have 2 questions.
1: How do you know which Ripstars contain the crystals? Or are they
contained in the rocks nearby? I thought it was in the rocks, but can’t lock
on and beam them aboard.
2: How in the world can you beam a Ripstar into the cargo hold without
getting destroyed?

Thanks for any tips you can offer!

Scott Moore
The Sports Gaming Network

"Where are we going, and why are we in a handbasket?"

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Help needed: FS1, walkthru available anywhere?

Hi, all–

Just wondering if there was a mission-by-mission walkthrough for the main
campaign of Freespace 1.

Current problem:  I’ve gotten as far as the "Shell Game" mission and
completed it, but at the debriefing (under recommendations) they say
something like:  "if you can predict what makes the Shivan fighters show up,
you’ll be ahead of the game" or something.
What am I misssing?

Thanks in advance,


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Terminus: Help req for Mining

Hi All

Could some kind soul talk me through where I am going wrong in the first
mining mission (military) to Saledrea station please?

WHere do I use my mining laser and on what?

Two Bells

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The Proof Is In The Apples! (Derek Smart Is Does Not Have A Valid PhD)

My PROOF That Derek Smart Does *Not* Have A Valid PhD.
By Vile.

Everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
I posted an apple a day for a couple of days into csipgs and csipgss.
"Doctor" Smart posted into csipgss this morning.
The apples did not keep him away therefore, he can’t be a doctor.
I rest my case.


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Before you buy.

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Has anyone gotten the English version of this game yet?  If so.. how is it?  Is
it what X-BTF should have been from the start?   Rick

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BC3K – Why does Derek's wife put up with him?

Why would Derek’s wife put up with an admittedly bankrupt PHD fraud whose
sole accomplishment in 10 years in the gaming industry is to be the butt of
jokes and the central figure in a colossal flamewar?

Is she a bit slow on the uptake? Is she simply a moron? Or did Derek con her
somehow? After all, she drove him into bankruptcy with a 10,000 Amex bill.
Maybe she was getting even?

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Flash Attack

There’s a madman on the loose with his finger on the button!  Someone
has just created an all-flash portal!  Jumpin’ jee-willakers!

I sumbited my work to http://flashstart.com  Just go to the bottom of
the screen and click on "Feedback" and you’re in.

i didn’t do it,
nobody saw me do it,
you can’t prove anything,

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Starlancer, My Take

Well in the interest of trying to get a post on this newsgroup that is NOT
related to DS in any way, shape or form, I’ll offer up my opinions on
Starlancer for the group’s flamebait…
In general very pretty, and playable on a PIII-450, 192 MB RAM, and TNT2
Ultra… can’t vouch for your system.  Let me put it this way, I played it
and went back to Tachyon:The Fringe and was surprised at how much better
starlancer looked.
At first I could not get the game to run while I was running Win95.  Did a
HD reformat, clean install of Win98 Second Edition, and was able to run with
some crashes (typically every 10 missions or so, about once a night
minimum).  Probably one of the more frustrating aspects of the game.
Fairly standard variety, Attack, Defend, Escort, Take out superweapon
Annoying missions where you have to run around and destroy torpedoes that
are targeted on friendly cap-ships.  A few missions I accidentally shot one
of my wingmen and I was brought back to the ship and summarily executed, I
know fratricide is a big deal, but come on people this is war, STUFF
happens.  Oh well.  On the plus side, many missions have additional
complications/contingency objectives.  Makes the 25 or so missions last a
little longer.  Additionally you do not have to succeed at EVERY MISSION to
continue on with a hope of winning.  A marginal or downright poor
performance is not an automatic replay, but count on your actions having an
impact on the campaign as a whole.
Wingman AI:
Downright Stupid.  I feel like I might as well be the only one out there
many times, except the wingleader keeps yelling at me.  IDIOT if you want
the stupid turrets taken out, help me out!  Enemy AI doesn’t seem much
better (I racked up something like 200+ kills by mission 24).

Despite the negative tone here, this game actually engaged me for a while.
The variety in ship types, even early in the game makes it interesting.
Story is the usual, could have been ripped right from WWII complete with
Pearl Harbor, but you have a real sense that your actions make a difference.
Great visual effects add a bit to the fun too.

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