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Terminus and Mining

ok, what am I missing… How do I mine asteroids????  I have a mining beam
and cargo bay. I go to the asteroid belt. I select the Mining Beam as my
weapon. But I can’t target an asteroid therefore I  cant fire the mining
Help anyone!!



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RE: 100,000+ Cheat Links! One Site!

If you don’t already know, there is only one place you need to go for cheats, trainers, walktrhoughs, gameshark codes, etc…. Captain Code (http://captaincode.com).

Captain COde is one site that has links to ALL of the top cheat sites… directly to the cheats… just enter a game name and BAM! you get a list of tons of sites with cheats for that game.  Awesome.  A real time saver!

\Later\\ Buzbee

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Klingon Academy: Ruined by KAMIKAZI ships

The kamikaze AI ship in KA are ruining the game for me. The ONLY time
I die is when ships ram me. Worse yet, they more often than not ram me
from behind when I can’t even see them. What the hell is this, Moon
Cresta 2? (Anyone else old enough to remember this reference probably
bough Pong as their first home console game system. ;-)

This is ridiculous. Are Star Trek games forever cursed? They finally
get the physics and interface sort-of right, then have this stupid AI.

Thank God I bought it at EB. Interplay has exactly 4 days to rectify
this problem (either with a patch, or at least cheats to turn off
starship collisions). Otherwise I’m returning it.


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Anyone seen any recent  info on this game? If so where. cheers for any info.

"Cogito ergo spud. I think, therefore I yam."

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Terminus, Could use some more Atmosphere

I noticed that you can put your own CD in for the audio and that’s good. I
have some great "Tangerine Dream" that is perfect for space travel, but it
stills leaves me wanting. So here is my suggestion:

1) Have an in-flight commercial radio system that plays the songs on your
CD, but in between tracks has commercials, DJ chatter, etc.

2) The commercials could promote various places in the universe that trading
occurs. Maybe even stating what goods are in demand, and give directions.
You know… "Take Earth node to blah blah blah".

3) Play the News stories over the radio. You could interrupt a song for an
important broadcast, or wait till between.

4) Lastly, how about include MP3 support for the music. Allow the player to
set a music directory in the options. That way you could have hours of
unrepeated randomly selected music tracks play through the commercial radio


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Re: Terminus: Dynamic universe… does it work?

super-tone d. wrote:
>         how do you go about getting missions as a ‘civillian’ pilot <i
> don’t know what they call them>

Contracts are posted for review on the different stations.  They include
spying, strikes, transporting cargo and patrols.  Also, if you prefer to
do things for yourself, you can buy cargos and sell them at other stations
without a contract, go mining, or bountyhunting.  Whether you get hired
for a contract or not depends on both your reputation (how active you’ve
been in completing missions) and how that particular employer views your
past activities.  When playing in storymode you’ll get paged with offers
of special missions you can undertake.

>         do the other A.I. players rteally remember you? can you forge
> friendships and enemies, and can you change opinion of you?

They do remember you and will remember you as an ally or an enemy and I’m
fairly sure that this ‘friendship’ is based on how you treat them.  If you
fire on a friend he could become an enemy but I don’t know whether an
enemy ‘neutral’ will become a friend if you help him out.  Someone on the
opposite side of the war, of course, will probably always see you as an
enemy but I’m not sure.

There are some minor problems with this arrangement as presented in
Terminus.  You can’t just hail any ship and ask the pilot if he’s feeling
friendly.  In fact, you can’t talk to anyone except other players when in
space except to issue orders or ask a target vessel to drop cargo. There
is background chatter that’s excellent in storymode missions and the comms
reflect what’s going on, no matter what’s going on.  You can also talk to
some NPCs at stations during the story mode.  In freemode there’s
practically no interaction with NPCs aside from simply judging intent by
what’s going on.  The only way I’ve found to decide who a friend is is to
send out an order and see who responds.

There may be more to it but that’s about it as far as I can tell.  But
just because ship-to-ship communications is downplayed doesn’t mean you
can’t tell how complex AI behavior is.  Watch a battle unfold and you’ll
see how different ships interact and react to each other.

>         is there any higer order to the trade that goes on? or is it
> random shuffling of goods from one base to another.

Well, the economy is pretty realistic in the sense that certain stations
produce certain goods and consume others.  Prices vary between stations on
the basis of production, consumption and general availability.  If a
station doesn’t get a shipment of a commodity in a while the prices go up
making it an attractive run for merchants.  If, for whatever reason, the
station still can’t get what it needs it will post a ‘transport’ mission
contract that can be filled by the player or an AI trader. The model is
nowhere near as complex as X:Beyond The Frontier which pretty much sets
the new standard for space trading sims, on the other hand, the game as a
whole tend to be a helluvalot more interesting! :)  In addition to trade
there are opportunities for freelance bounty-hunters, pirates, and
asteroid miners.  Not to mention the two military careers and the pirate
clan.  Freelance, military (Earth and Mars) and the Marauder clan make up
the four campaigns and the main factions.  Though freelancers are a pretty
divided anti-faction of individuals.

>         how real does it seem to be flying around in the universe?
> is there an intersting enough assortment of events that occur in
> freeflight mode to make it seem absorbing?

Freemode isn’t really all that interesting but don’t let that turn you
away.  The campaigns /interact/ with Freemode play going on all around
them and /they/ make the game interesting.  You can play through storymode
as if it were freemode and the only difference is that there will be
events outside the usual going on and giving the universe some color.  The
other interesting aspect is the NPC interaction.  Seeing how they work and
react to each other and your character is pretty interesting all by itself
but not quite enough to carry freemode.  Play the campaigns.  It’s
certainly worth the price of admission and then some.  The real potential,
once multiplayer is more polished, will be multiplayer campaign and
freemode servers!  You see, and this holds true for single player as well,
players not only can accept missions and take bounties but /offer/ them as
well.  You can hire NPCs or other players to do your dirty work.  This is
a title with amazing potential but it’s truely an original.  I wouldn’t
say it’s better or worse than Privateer but it is certainly different.
Don’t expect a game like any you’ve seen before.  Judge it on its own

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Re: Terminus : Min HW Specs

On Tue, 04 Jul 2000 03:31:06 +0700, Laga Mahesa

<st…@disabuse.link.net.id> wrote:
>What spec machine is everyone playing terminus on, and what’s the
>performance like?  I wanna know this before I get it, because I’m
>using a P233MMX/ 64mb/

Well for starters, the minimum specs are a PII300 and the full install
is 1.2 gigs and don’t forget you need room for a swap file. Minimum
specs are usually pretty weak as to include a bigger market so I tend
to look at the recomended requirments and ignor the minimum
completely. I’m playing it on a PII450 256 megs ram and a voodoo 3
2000 with no problems what so ever. Smooth as glass.
There is going to have to be a point where you decide to upgrade
because newer games just won’t run on your system, or just not
consider newer games anymore, I would say that time is nearing if not

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Re: Terminus + Linux + 1.[234] patch = trouble

I suggest taking a look at www.stationterminus.com, and checking the forums.
Others have posted their Linux problems, and some solutions. The developers
read and post there as well – it’s probably the best place to go for

- — -

Matt Matthews wrote:

> Hi,

> I’ve been trying to play Terminus with the patches and so far I’ve been
> completely unsuccessful.  The 1.1 version that came on the CD works
> great, but each patch that I’ve tried makes the game unplayable.  The
> symptoms are:

> 1) No sound (sound worked before)
> 2) Stuttering movies/gameplay (smooth before)
> 3) Doesn’t return to X happily (was solid with 1.1)

> Anyone else with Linux having this problem?

> I’m tempted to try the other video cards I have around here (Voodoo3,
> G400Max, Rage 128 Pro) to see if they do any better (with Glide,
> DRI/Utah-GLX, or DRI respectively).

> My current test system:
> P3/600E on Abit BH6
> 128Mb PC100 RAM
> SB 16 (OSS/Free drivers)
> NVIDIA GeForce 32Mb SDR (0.9-3 drivers)
> Kernel 2.2.16 + USB backport
> XFree86 4.0.0
> Wingman Extreme Digital 3D (as USB)

> Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

> Regards,
> matt

> =============================================================================
>       John "Matt" Matthews  | j…@linuxgames.com |  Even Penguins Like
>                Linux Games  | www.linuxgames.com |  To Have Fun!

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Re: Whats the Big Deal with Terminus?

I know Computer Gaming World has had few articles about it. You’ll also find
articles and reviews on the various gaming webzines as well. Since Terminus
isn’t being published by one of the larger publishing houses, you aren’t going
to see as much marketing money behind it. If you’re interested, you can
download a free demo from www.atfw.com

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Keven wrote:

> How come it’s not in any of the gaming mags?  I searched a couple of the
> more reputable sites and nothing.  IS this a big thing in Europe or
> something?

> —
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FS1: Silent Threat Last Mission

Is this mission possible if so how?

Its the mission where you must destroy the Jodenhim and then later the

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