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Archive for April, 2011

Starlancer Acceleration Problem

I can’t seem to get the acceleration/deceleration controls to work on either
my Sidewinder Freestyle Pro or on my keyboard.  Has anyone else come across
this problem?

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Descent: Freespace II questions

Heya all,

I’m real new to the Space Sim scene.  I was recently sucked in by Tachyon
and am having alot of fun but experience massive slowdown when more than one
cap ship is in a sector (ex: GalSpan "Fleet Battles" mission)  Actually, my
renderer totally shuts down and I can’t do anything for like 2-3 minutes.
The screen freezes, but I still hear laser-fire and can still steer, use
burners, etc. it’s just that the screen doesn’t update.

Anyhow, I’m above system requirements but am experienced enough in  computer
gaming to know being above req doesn’t mean the game is playable, so I was
going to pickup something else to get my fix.

My question(s):  Does Freespace II run smoothly in a PII-266 (64 meg ram,
VooDoo II accelerator) and are the ships in Freespace II totally
configurable (like the laser bays and missile slots in Tachyon.)  The ship
building is undoubtedly my favorite aspect but I’m not savy enough in the
genere to know if it’s standard or just a bonus with games like Tachyon.

Any help would be appreciated, sorry for the "newbieness" of the post.

Chris Woods

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starlancer mission design issues…SUCK

man, I am on the last mission, and sheesh it is taking a gazillion tries!
(Its not my flying skills but poor wingman ai that is preventing them from
killin the enemies before the rippers come). This game is just pathetic in
terms of save game features. Come to think of it I realized a little while
ago starlancer was developed by folks in england, some of whom were involved
in privateer 2-the biggest fiasco in space sims ever to land on these
shores! Egad, what’s up with sending contracts to canada (except
"homeworld") and/or england?

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Conflict:Freespace Medals and stuff

I just finished Conflict:Freespace and I’m now trying to finish Silent
threat. When I finished the campaign I had the rank of Commander, I was a
Double Ace, and I had several medals. My question is this. What do you have
to do to get promoted to a new rank? I suspect it has something to do with
keeping your wingmates alive but I’m not sure. Finally, how many kills do I
have to recieve the different Ace awards? I thought about asking how you
could get new medals but I think it’s better if I play the game again and
find out for myself.


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Privateer 2 lockup problem…


I just bought the older game "Privateer 2" for DOS and the game freezes
after pressing ‘Exit" on the PAD after the initial scene at the Sinner Bar.
I tried various autoexec & config.sys configuration without success (I never
thought I would have to play with that again… ;).  I had to download a
generic mouse driver from Microsoft…

Anyone out there still remember this game? Is it a known problem?



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Tachyon and Wingman Gamepad

Has anyone figured out how to use this gamepad with Tachyon? I have a
profile set up for the gamepad; when I select ‘keyboard’ with in Tachyon,
the game does not respond to anything from the gamepad, only the keyboard.
Doesn’t the gamepad send out signals that emulate the keyboard? When I
select ‘Gamepad’ from with Tachyon, all that work on the D pad and 2 of the
buttons to fire weapons; none of the other programmed buttons work. Any


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Tachyon: Bora storyline: No guided missiles for Bora?

Just finished saving the Mercy Hospital mission when Galcom attacks.  I was
expected to have some of the guided missiles by now but 20+ missions after
siding with the Bora I haven’t been offered any.

Am I missing something, or failed to accept a particular mission?


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question 4 developers: (and others)

Why badly (or ugly/less-than-perfectly modeled/animated) 3D models and FMV
for characters? Why not use traditional cel-animation (computer-assisted)
with stylishly-done appealing art a la Shadow Watch
(http://www.redstorm.com/shadowwatch/) instead of poorly done examples of
the former?

This has always agonized me these past few years, I’ve felt more of a
connection with the 2D art of the first two Wing Commander games.

No it doesn’t have to be fanboy-anime-wannabe art, or the same-old-same-old
North American latex posing T&A-ridden fanboy-cookie-cutter crap that poses
for the majority of comics these days…but something distinctive and

Is it the cost? What is the difference?

The added development time?

Anyone else weigh in? I feel animated characters would create more empathy,
at least for me than the wooden examples in recent memory. (Marc Hamill

I know the developers at Particle sometimes peek in here, among others…


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Tachyon demo video problem

With Direct3D enabled on the demo, the screen flickers badly as soon as the
single/multi/exit menu appears.  Everything works fine with D3D disabled
(although it’s butt ugly).

Video card is a TNT, with .368 drivers (latest).  Anyone else experience
anything like this?

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(BC3K) Derek Takes A Break From Coding


Anon news web interface.  FAQ available for review at:

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