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May I suggest a New Year's resolution?

The whole BC3K/Derek vs. Bill vs. whomever thing.  Can’t we all
at least try to let it die?  I mean, damn, we’ll have a new President
in office before this got resolved–assuming that were possible,
which it obviously isn’t.

It’s coming up fast on 1900, for chrissakes.  (Little Y2K humor there.)
Let’s all agree to disagree, or so on, and go play multi.Homeworld or
Freespace 2, or something.  :)

- Will, going off to redshirt horribly at Homeworld

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Sign this petition to keep Thrustmaster Alive!

The petition to Guillemot/Thrustmaster can now be accessed from the main
page of the PC Test Pilot website.

If you don’t want the best flight controls for military sims to become
extinct please support this petition.


Thanks for all the support so far, I have advised Guillemot and hopefully
they will be watching the progress.


Rob Coppock

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Star Fleet Command

I have a question concerning one of the cinereous on SFC.  I’m playing the
as the Federation and in my next conflict I am suppose to capture the "Me"
for the other universe and bring him to the Romulans to prove I’m innocent
of whatever it is they think I’ve done.  Any how, I can capture him but I
can’t figure out how to complete the mission.  Where do I take Him in order
to complete it?  If you know, please e-mail me at Nail…@mindspring.com .



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no, it's true. derek smart really DOES fuck sheep!

oh come on, you mean you actually read the content of messages like
this? admit it, you are just looking for trouble.

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STARSHATTER Demo Now Available

A pre-alpha demo of my space sim game STARSHATTER is available for
download at the best general purpose space sim site on the net: A
Talent For War. The demo is about 6.7 MB, and includes four simple
missions. A detailed player manual is also provided.


You can find more info about the game, including screenshots and a link
to the ATFW demo, on my homepage.


Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/
Before you buy.

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Wraith of Kahn senario for StarFleet Command

Anyone know where I can find the Wraith of Kahn and Balance of Terror
scenarios for Star Fleet Command? I have purchased the game and haven’t
found the mentioned scenarios, but have heard of them. Anyone know where
I can obtain these 2? Can I load them like a saved game?




Have a better one.

To email me back, simply remove "Forget.The.Spam" from my address.

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Can anyone make a new Space Sim NG?

Can someone make a new Space-Sim NG and give someone admin access to ban
Derek Smart and Louis (and all of their little toadies)? This is rather
rediculous. I was one of the first 3 people to ever post here.. and i’ve
seen it degrade to absolute nonsense. It’s rather sad.

-Mike Evans
ICQ: 4758317


"For every guy who has imagination,
there are always 15 guys who don’t" -Ralph Baer

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Snubbed by PC Gamer,and now this…

One name was conspicuously – but not surprisingly – missing from PC Gamer’s
list of Gaming Gods.

Now, GameSpot talks to 20 Gaming Visionaries, and guess who didn’t get a
request for an interview.

(Had to get one final post on him in there before midnight.)

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FS2 resolution

What is the highest resolution available for Freespace 2? I just installed
the game and the only choice I was given was 640×480. I have more then
enough horses to display 800×600. Is 640×480 the highest resolution?

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X or Freespace 2?

I am trying to work out which to get.

On X Beyond the Frontier – well I always used to love Elite back in the old
days, and I liked hardwar, but I wasn’t very good at it.

On Freespace 2 – I have X Wing Alliance and that is really good – but I
don’t want to buy Freespace if it is going to be very similar.




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