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Why can't a 3dfx/Glide Startrek game (like Freespace2) be made?

Directx nebulas, weapons fire and starships (cough, Starfleet Command,
hack) stink!!!

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Homeworld too short?


The Good:

I just played the demo on a P200 Classic 64Mb V2 (8Mb) AWE64 Win98SE system using D3D 16-bit and was surprised how well it performed.  Frame rates were obviously slow but reducing the sound and video settings slightly made it an enjoyable experience.  The really surprising thing was going from 640×480 to 800×600 didn’t seem to slow it down.  This would have to be the easiest interface I struck in any game and the tutorial is fantastic.

The Bad:

I may be wrong but I think the demo supposed to be the first two episodes, I hope not.  Some would call me a senior citizen and I usually have a pretty hard time finishing games in a reasonable time,  I’m still playing Baldur’s Gate would you believe :-) but finished the demo in a couple of hours, twice!!  The major problem I had with the game was the speed of the mouse, it was very jerky but once you’ve learned the keyboard shortcuts it’s not so bad.  Whenever a ship or ships are selected an energy bar appears above it to show its’ stats.  I hope there is an option to toggle this on/off as it really spoils the overall beauty of the scenes especially when following a formation of ships.

The Ugly:

Previous posts have mentioned that this game is too short, if the demo is any indication than I agree.  I won’t pay a premium price for Homeworld but will definitely get it when it is in the bargain bin in a few months time.

BTW – A review said that DirectX7 improved performance slightly with this game.  I tried it before and after installing DX7 and didn’t see any difference but then again my CPU isn’t even MMX so maybe that’s to be expected.  It does seem stable though and installation was straight forward and trouble free and so far my games function ok including Longbow2 and Baldur’s Gate TOSC but TOSC seems to be running a bit slower when scrolling the screen, go figure.

Bob Byrne
Ballina, NSW, Australia

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Re: New! Battlecruiser Millennium Screen Shots!

> > There are also three new fighters on the fighters screen shots page.

> "Screen shots" means picture taken within the game…

> Noticing that all 3 of your fighters have the same background, I would
> say they are NOT screen shots…

Hmm, maybe that IS the game? You get to rotate spaceships against a pretty
background? (This is certainly what his "shots" seem to suggest).

Andy Bain

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"Louis J.M" wrote:
> . In actuality, it would

> be 135,000′th of what you claim "Derek claims to have spent".

um… 13,000/0.013 = 1,000,000   …am I missing something Louis?


- — -

> —
> Saturnalia
> http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Station/5676/sat.html

> I’m sorry, I can’t argue unless you’ve paid.

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Re: Homeworld and Banshee Video Card

A lad over in csipgs using same card fixed his problem by using latest
reference drivers for the Banshee.


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Todd <tf…@ix.netcom.com> wrote in message


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> I purchased Homeworld last night and I’m trying to get it to run in 3D
> accelerated mode. So far all I get is kicked out to the windows desktop
> or a bunch of jagged lines. I tried reinstalling the game as well as the
> directx drivers that shipped with HW. I can run the game in software
> accelerated mode, but that looks pretty bad. I’m using a Voodoo2 Banshee
> video card and I suspect that my problem stems from the fact that my
> card runs on glide and not d3d. Can anyone confirm this?

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Re: GameSpot's Freespace 2 review

>I will try it again, hopefully on a server where those anti-fighter
>MIRV type warheads are disabled.  Was in a dogfight and half the
>people were spamming like crazy doing duel shots with those things as
>fast as they’d fire.  Hardly a second went by where I didn’t see
>incoming missiles from all directions.

It sounds like you were playing a dogfight mission.  I recommend the
co-op missions.  They’re really what FreeSpace 2 is all about.  Or
team vs. team.

Note, if you’re the first to "join game" on a standalone server, you
can start whatever mission you want.  We host several standalone

Mike Kulas, Volition, Inc./Parallax Software

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Freespace 2 – Is this REALLY the ending? (spoilers)

Umm, Freespace 2 has ended in an unexpected way.  I was in the mission
where the GTD Bastion and another ship try to collapse jump node to trap
the Shivan juggernaut fleet and prevent their advance into GTV worlds.

Near the end of the battle, after the Colossus was destroyed, the Shivan
begin to supernova Capella.  A counter is present on how I have before
the shockwave hits.  So I hit Alt-J to jump out, but the message says
‘Cannot jump out’ or some such.

And then there is an endgame movie about how Alpha stayed behind on
purpose, etc etc and how the GTV was saved, etc etc.

Is this SUPPOSED to be the ending?  If so, what a let down.  It was
purely manufactured that I was prevented from jumping out.  Good grief.  
I wasn’t overwhelmed by the plot to this point, but this really sinks
this game.

Freespace 2 has a great infrastructure, too bad it wasn’t used to the
full effect.  If any y’all know of other ‘endings’, please lemme know!

Dan Stephenson

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The joy and pain of Homeworld

What a terrific game this is, really a wonder.  Except is there no
master list of what I’ve already built that I can select and de-select
units from?  If not, that is a pain…albeit one I’m willing to put up

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Re: FS2 Mission Help (spoiler)

Cool, thanks for the advice.

When I’ve played my way back to this point (again!) I’ll try to remember

Rez Manzoori
ICQ# 17763861
Chad Millar <c_mil…@bigpond.com> wrote in message


- — -

> On Sat, 16 Oct 1999 17:38:29 +0100, "Rez Manzoori"
> <R…@NOSPAM.Manzoori.Demon.Co.UK> wrote:

> >S
> >P
> >O
> >I
> >L
> >E
> >R
> >.
> >.
> >.
> >.
> >.
> >.
> >.
> >.
> >.

> >OK, now that’s out of the way….

> >In the mission ‘BearBaiting’ I and my flight have the job of taking out
> >beam cannon turrets on the Sathanas. Problem is, this thing is just so
> >damned big and my weapons seem so damned ineffective that I’ve yet to
> >out one let alone all four and I get a right good dressing down for
> >my objectives.

> >Anyone actually done this?

> Yep, spent quite some time getting it done today. I called in all
> reinforcements and set them to attack – they’re useless at destroying
> the turrets.

> Set your Helios bombs to dual fire, and make sure you have a clear
> locked shot. Those two bombs will take out one turret. Order a reload
> just before you fire at the second turret – you and the Sathanas are
> moving, so it will just follow you. Reload, take out the other two
> turrets. When going for the fourth, the Sathanas is likely to be close
> to jumping – afterburn towards the last turret and fire at point blank
> range – its quicker than firing earlier at distance.

> I haven’t yet been able to achieve the secondary goal of taking out
> the forward flak turret.

> Oh, and when the Demon class destroyer jumps in, target its engine,
> not its beam cannons.

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Release of I-War Special (Deluxe) Edition & Freespace 2

Does anyone here know when the games will be available in germany?

Thanx, uwe.

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