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FS: Voodoo2 – Creative 12 meg Accelerator

 This card features:

* Loaded with 12MB of super high performance memory for maximum performance
* Up to 50 billion operations and 3 million triangles per second for 3D
processing as much as 3 times faster than the original Voodoo Graphics
* Works with your existing graphics card to deliver the fastest 3D gameplay

Works as an incredible graphics accelerator. Almost every game comming out
these days requires a 3d card, here’s your chance to get one! Comes with 3
games to get you started (G-Police, Incomming, Ultimate R@ce Pro). Purchased
at Wal-Mart 5 months ago for $199, selling for $100 including shipping.
Comes with the card, original manuals, cables, and box. Please email me at


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Re: Descent:Freespace mission question

The docking bay that is refered to is the fighter bay.  But it doesn’t
matter since you can’t really fly into it.  When you try to, you get
detected and then have to get out of there.  So you have actually
completed the mission and can move on.

In article <7kc881$k6…@hecate.umd.edu>, aste…@Glue.umd.edu says…

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> I am on a mission in Descent:Freespace called Jonas (or was it Judas?).
> But anyway, you are in a captured Shivan ship, and scanning a whole mess
> of other ships.  Well, at the near-end of the mission, the Shivan
> supership (the Lucifer?) jumps in, and you are to scan it.  No problem.
> Then they say that you are supposed to enter the docking station of the
> Lucifer.  So, where the heck is the docking station for that ship??  I
> tried flying into the Fighter Launching thingies (there are two of them on
> the ship), but I just wind up crashing into the ship (it looks like there
> are tubes that you can fly into).  So I dunno.  Where is the "docking
> station" on the ship?  I flew around the Lucifer a couple of times and
> didn’t find it.  I was eventually detected and had to make a quick getaway
> (as it turns out, while Shift-J is my "jump" key, its actually Alt-J which
> does the "jumping".  SOmehting is screwed up with the keymapping, I
> think).

> Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated

> —

> Jon

> aste…@glue.umd.edu

> http://www.glue.umd.edu/~asterix

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I-war Delux @ avault.com

Its looking sweeet! wish all mission disks wher elike that :)


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Babylon 5 combat simulation

Gamesmania has posted a brief preview of the Babylon 5 combat simulation.
If you’re interested you can find it at:



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space sim help

I want to buy a space sim with a cool storyline (like wing commander) with
all the movies.
anyone knows a space sim like this? I dont like all the buttons like in MS
flightsim 98, just like wing commander shoot and fire

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Space sim help

Try I-war the first CD is a intro movie about 20min long very good plot

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New X-Wing Alliance Patch available.

The 2nd patch for X-Wing Alliance is out.  Includes some 3d sound
improvements and some mission tweaking.  This is a newer patch than the May
13th patch.

It’s a damn funny coincidence.  Just today I was thinking, ‘What game would
I like a patch for?’, and X-Wing Alliance was the first thing I thought of.



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XWA 2.02 Update problem with MX300, A3D 2030 drivers

I just downloaded the XWA 2.02 update patch and the sound won’t work
in 3D mode with my MX300, using the 2030 beta A3D drivers.  The game
silently crashes to the desktop when loading a mission unless I
disable acceleration in the Aureal control panel, in which case the
game runs but I’m missing some sound effects, like blaster fire.

The game runs normally and 3D sounds appear to work  fine with
Diamond’s 1.02 drivers (and the A3D 2.0 2.08 update).

Running 95 OSR2 on an Abit BM6, Celeron 450A, 256 MB RAM.

Does anyone else have this problem?  Is anyone with 2030 drivers able
to use 3D sound in XWA?  Unless LucasArts comes out with a third(!)
patch, I can only hope the final A3D drivers work better with XWA.

Felix Hack        felixh…@acm.org

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MS Space Simulator and Flight Sim Flight Shop

Hi all –

   Here’s an interesting thought:  Space Sim is supposedly based on the
FS5 graphics model.  Has anybody given any thought to trying to use
Flight Shop to develop new spacecraft for Space Sim?  I don’t see any
.air files, so certainly just plugging them in won’t work, but I wonder
if we can somehow hack their graphics format in the way Flight Shop and
the scenery designers did?

Just random thoughts on an interesting challenge..

Univ. of Maryland Astronomy

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BC:3000 AD review in new 3dfx magazine, its a hoot.


    Check out the new review of BC 3000 Ad in the new issue of 3dfx magazine,
its a hoot.  A friend of mine at one of the local EB’s pointed it out to me
yesterday, but first asked me to put my pepsi on the counter.  As soon as you
read the opening paragraphs you will see why.


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