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MechWarrior3 first impressions.

I bought the game today at a local EB store as mentioned in my previous
post. Since then I had spent some time (not that much) playing around with
it. I’m running the game on a P2/450 (clocked at 504) with a Canopus Spectra
3200 and Voodoo2 12MB SLI video cards, and a MonsterSound MX300 sound card,
with 128MB RAM.

This game IS MechWarrior, Battletech, whatever. It has that great feel I
first got when playing MW2 years ago.

Graphics-wise, it is very impressive. It supports software and D3D, it looks
very pretty on my TNT and Voodoo2, it supports resolutions of up to
1024×768. Running it on my TNT or V2 at the highest resolution still gives
me a very smooth frame-rate. Some eye-candy include two-layer sky (I think
it is 2 layer, maybe more), mechs are really nicely detailed, weather
effects (including lightning), deformable terrain (battle damage etc.),
buildings which you can stomp over, various other structures, people, mechs
leave feet marks on the ground (so does weapons fire), etc…
Sound is just as impressive, thumping of your mech changes depending on what
type of surface it’s standing, weapons have distinct sounds, speech etc…
It mentions it supports A3D but I don’t seem to find an option to enable it
(unless it’s on by default).

I played only instant action and training missions so far. From what I’ve
seen, the game plays very much like MW2, which is a good thing IMO. One nice
addition is that you can be knocked down by enemy fire, or you can knock
down an enemy mech. While knocked down you can’t really do much, there’s a
command for getting back up. There are several lancemate commands, including
all the basic ones such as "attack my target", there aren’t really any
elaborate commands, none that I found yet. An addition not found in the
original MW2 is a zoom window. You can target individual parts of a mech
when using guided weapons (such as left arm or leg). It’s really cool to see
an enemy mech lose its arm, leaving a short stump, he he he… In addition
to elementals, there are regular soldiers, you can stomp on them or blow
them up (MG make nice chunks). All the weapons have excellent f/x and some
produce recoil in you and enemy mech (such as ACs and missiles). There’s a
mobile field base which I believe can resupply and refit your mech (and your
The HUD is very similar to the one found in MW2, nothing really new here.
Radar can be turned on/off (map mode), it can also be set to active or
passive mode, I don’t know if it has any effect on detectability yet.
There’s also an addition of coolant flush which will lower your heat
drastically when overheating, there’s a limited amount of coolant available
for this (3 or 4 shots I think). Mechs will auto-shutdown (unless
overridden) when they overheat, just like MW2.
The game can be played from 1st or 3rd person perspective, though I don’t
know who’d want to play it from the 3rd person.
The box claims there’s over 20 missions, which isn’t that many, I wonder if
this includes the training missions, I hope not. The introduction is quite
well done, it kinda made me laugh when all the company names/logos appeared
at the beginning (Fasa, Microsoft, Microprose, Hasbro, Zipper, and some

Overall, I think this one’s a winner, hope you get yours soon!

BTW, these mechs are included in the game:
Annihilator, Avatar, Black Hawk, Bushwacker, Cauldron-Born, Champion,
Daishi, Firefly, MadCat (Timberwolf), Orion, Owens, Puma, Shadow Cat,
Strider, Sunder, Supernova, Thor, Vulture, as well as some vehicles (I don’t
think they’re playable though).

Finally, the game can be played multiplayer over the Zone, but I haven’t
checked this part out yet.

"Armpit of the Giant"

"I Am Become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds!


betelg [ at ] cgocable [ dot ] net


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How long has this anti-derek flameware…

been going on in here? years I was told in another newsgroup.

anyway, I still have BC3 and wondering what i should do with it.


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PARKAN: Manual Corrections (Gun stats, etc.)

For those (very) few who are playing Parkan, here are some corrections to
ship weapon configs/stats. IMO, the stats assigned to the Nuclear Gun and
the Proton Gun in both the English and Russian manuals are reversed.  Why?
In combat, the Proton Gun appears more powerful than the Nuclear Gun, you’re
offered the Nuclear Gun upgrade before the Proton Gun upgrade, and finally
gun-assignments on fighters/drones (based on fighter/drone performance
stats) supports the contention that the Proton Gun is the stronger gun.  In
terms of power, the guns should be ranked as follows (top to bottom, weakest
to strongest, with "shot" color indicated):

Mass Gun (green)

Nuclear Gun (purple)

Proton Gun (orange)

Laser Gun (white)

The gun assignments for the Flea and Leaf battle drones in the English
manual are incorrect (they’re right in the Russian manual). Guns carried by
battle drones (drones ranked by performance stats):

Scat — 2 Mass Guns

Flea — 2 Nuclear Guns

Leaf — 2 Nuclear Guns

Cake — 2 Proton Guns

Gun-types assigned to fighters in the English manual are wrong for all but
the H and D fighters (however, they’re all correct in the Russian manual).
Correct guns carried by fighters (ships ranked by performance stats):

H-Fighter — 2 Mass Guns

D-Fighter — 3 Mass Guns

O-Fighter — 2 Nuclear Guns

X-Fighter — 2 Nuclear Guns

M-Fighter — 2 Proton Guns

A-Fighter — 4 Nuclear Guns

The English manual omits the folowing plot-object:

Shield Penetrator

The English manual shows the Xenord emblem as the Hegemount emblem and vice

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Space Shuttle Simulator

Does anyone know of a flight Sim of the space shuttle?
I have been looking everywhere!!!!!

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Freespace 2: Where the heck are they?

Look at these shots of Freespace 2:

Don’t tell me that space is THAT full of nebulous gasses- are they in upper
atmospheres of some planets or what?

Wierd I tell ya, wierd….

-Mike Evans

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MW3 – controls

Can you map the throttle to the Y-axis of the joystick.

I want to use mouse and joystick.  


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BC3k v1.0 Arrrrrrgggggggghhhh!!!!

I have just brought BC3k, and was i happy? Yep!

Untill i come home to find out that it was v.1.0 and
then i go to www.bc3000ad.com to find a patch. but…..
Arghhhh! I have to pay yet another 10 bugs! for a patch
to a program i have yesterday paid aprox. 25 $ for.
The company said that i got what i asked for:"Battle Cruise 3000 ad"

And that was right! I couldnt find any arquement!

Danm what a cruel world!

Best regards

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Chekov's Lost Missions wanted!

I’m looking for the Starfleet Academy add-on
Chekov’s Lost Missions (UK-Version)!


eMail: fra…@netcologne.de
Homepage: http://www.netcologne.de/~nc-nagelfr/index.htm

"May The Force Be With You…"

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MechWarrior 3: Skirmish Mode?

For those who have MechWarrior 3….

Is there any sort of skirmish mode or mission builder? I see on the
web site that there is mention of an "Instant Action" mode, but I am
hoping that this is somewhat more flexible and enjoyable than the one
found in MechWarrior 2, which was pretty limited.

Since there are only 20 or so missions, and I don’t generally make
much use of multiplayer, I am hoping that the "Instant Action" mode is
flexible enough to extend the replayability.

Thanks in advance.

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FS: I-War + Strat-Guide, $20 shipped 2nd day

US release Independence War as new in box with strategy guide.  Twenty bucks
price includes 2nd day shipping via Airborne Express (I work there).

Write if interested.


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