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Archive for July, 2010

Chi 8

How do you win this mission for the family where you have to go to the
station and pick up the C/C Chi 8 with the warheads while whats her name
gets the stuff out of the safe?  I’ve flown it a bunch of times.
Container gets destroyed or I do.  What’s the secret?  Thanks.

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XWA – Any way to do screen captures?

I’ve tried all the usual, print-scrn, shift-print-scrn, etc.  No luck.  I’ve
come to the conclusion there is no build in screenshot key combo.  Too bad,
it was cool in XVT.

Does anyone have any software they can recommend which will take screenshots
in a game like XWA?


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XWA: 2nd Mission is a Hose

    I’ve read some of the comments already but I just went through this
piece of shit for the 6th time.  Inspected every freaking container there
was (I’m assuming ol Sis did her job with her containers).  Blew the shit
out of the raiders, although once the robot told me I was shooting at one of
my own ships.  Let Sis pick up the spice and take it back.  Get back home
and the screen says mission complete, hit Q to bop out.  Fail, fail, fail.
What am I missing????????  Doe it get worse??

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XWA: Destroy the parts and technical crew?! HOW?!

OK… I’m on a mission where you have to destroy the tech crews on 4
shuttles and a convoy of 10 ships. I’d like to know how the FUCK I’m
supposed to do that given that as soon as I hyperdrive into the system that
the Tech Shuttles launch in… I’m left all by myself… Yep. That’s right.
The entire wing of A-Wings and X-Wings and fellow B-Wings All Hyper in…
then Leave right away. How the hell are you suppose to take on 4 shuttles
and 20 + Tie Fighters single handedly in your B-Wing while trying to keep
your shields Up and weapons charged…. This mission I’ve now failed 20 +
times is REALLY pissing me off. Lucas Arts can go to hell for scripting like
that. Work as a team they teach you in Flight school early on. Well
apparently they mean you be the bitch and they do whatever they want. Like
leaving you to DIE in space against 20+ Imperial Crack pilots.

HELP! Patch! Damit!

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XWA: The Fourth Door.

Let’s start some idle speculation. (I’m stuck on Secret Weapons

The Alliance concourse…you have a tech library in the middle,
mission briefing room at the top, simulator room on the left, family
freighter on the lower left, and proving grounds entrance on the upper

But we have a mysterious door on the lower left, that will neither
open or display a title. Any guesses for what’s the door for?

*****Saturn S. Padua | typh…@pacbell.net | UIN:1309732*******

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BC3K – Moving up in the charts – again

The demo (2608) is still in the downloads chart and the game (3211)
moved from 60 to 43 in the current favorites!!


Derek Smart, Ph.D.
Designer/Lead Developer
The Battlecruiser Series

"The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further
than the crowd.  The man who walks alone is likely to find
himself in places no one has ever been. Someone lemme out!"

"Oh yeah….my opinions are my own and do not reflect those
of my publisher. They passed up the publishing rights."

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XWA Missions?

I thought that LucasArts did away with that 100% mission completion
requirement thing. My fondness for this title is slowly slipping away by
having to repeat missions over and over again. I’ve had this title for
approximately 7 days, and I’ve played it approximately 3 hours per night
and am only on mission #7.


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Help in XWA: Transfer to CRS Liberty


I am stuck on the first mission of battle two.  This is the mission
where you transfer to the Liberty.  You answer a distress call and
discover the bandit/raider TIEs.  Well, my poor little A-Wing is
severely under powered for those things, and I get taken out almost
immediately.  Anyone been this far and have any advice?  I can get about
4% (need 100%!!) before I get shot down.  Jinking doesn’t seem to help

Robert Gambs
ICQ #32632944

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XWA: Pilot Proving Grounds

  I beat the final mission for the Azameen Family (finally) and get to the
concourse.  The first thing I try is the Pilot Proving Grounds, but there is
no pre-scene to tell me what is happening.  I’m INSTANTLY transported to the
rings where he says "now we’ll see where you really stand against other
pilots…" or something to that effect and then I start.

Is this the way it always works?  In X-wing you went to a chamber first
where you could choose what you wanted to try.  I tried going through the
rings, but in almost every ring my sides get hit for damage…  Do I need to
finish this to get to something better or different?  Really confusing.


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XWA: needs mouselook!

I like X-Wing Alliance so far, but the turret would sure be
better if it could be aimed and fired with the mouse.

Also I miss the way that even in the original star wars arcade
game the sights would lead the path of flight in a very fluid
and nice-feeling way.  This allowed much quicker aiming, too,
since you didn’t have to wait for the whole ship to turn.


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