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Re: Parkan English version

Let us all know what you think of the game!

I just visited the Nikita website and Parkan looks real tasty!

Not the latest graphics for sure, but then again graphics aren’t

The website says it’s available both in English and in Russian.
However, all the screenshots are in Russian.  Does the English version
of the game still have Russian characters?  It would suck to not be
able to read what’s on the screen….

What’s the game like?  Is it more of a Wing Commander type game or is
it more of an Elite kind of game.  Don’t be bashful… let us know if
it’s another BC3K and warn us!  :)

On Sat, 6 Mar 1999 23:58:35 -0800, "Frank" <valisyst…@earthlink.net>

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>For anyone interested in the English version of the Russian space sim
>"Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles" (seems to be pronounced par-KAHN) from
>1997, I successfully ordered it in the U.S. from the links at the game’s


>It cost $29 delivered, but you have to put your faith in a U.S.-based
>company that seems to be an outlet for Russian periodicals and such.  They
>have a system where you put money in an "account", then that money gets
>deducted for what you order.  They then say it can take up to 2 months, I
>think.  It was worth it for me to give it a try, because it’s not everyday
>that something like this is a hit, and the curiosity factor was high.  I
>received the game in less than a month, no problem, and it came as a
>registered package.  The package contained the full Russian boxed version of
>the game, a little beat up.  This is a nice souvenir, but the key item
>thrown in is a hand-labeled ("1999") CD-R containing the English version.
>The manual for the English version is 54 pages in Word format, with a lot of

>I’ve installed and loaded it successfully.  The CD-R is just about full,
>with data and some CD audio, and the installation was 80 megs (and it
>resisted my one routine attempt to copy the precious thing).  It looks
>pretty neat to me, despite predictably clumsy translations, but I don’t play
>enough space-sims to be able to compare it to anything current (nor do I
>usually play leading edge stuff anyway).  And since I’ve barely given it a
>spin, I don’t know much about it yet.  Check out the web site above for
>information on what type of game it is.  And if you’ve got $29 to blow, you
>may very well have a lot of fun with it (if you too successfully order it),
>even if it’s just to brag about having the cool box on your shelf.


MudHead at XSite dot net

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BC3K…my adventure

I look at loading and running games as a exercise for learning how to run my
machines better.  Since I have read that BC3K can be a challenge to load and
run, I came into this situation with my eyes wide open (and my pupils were
not fixed and dilated either).  The short version is that I got version 2.0
to run within a few hours of loading it, with a necessary tip from BC3000AD

Version 2.05 is more of a challenge.  Not a real matter of concern for me
since version 2.0 runs fine.  Still, since this is a learning experience
(and since I don’t have a girlfriend to keep me otherwise occupied) I am
going to focus on this matter and find a resolution.

When I sent a detailed request for assistance, tech support told me to read
the tech manual and the FAQs.  Their tone suggested that they have gotten a
lot of nasty e-mail from people requesting help.  Well, I am known for
getting testy over very minor matters, so enough said about that.

I have followed the manual and the FAQ precisely, and version 2.05 keeps
giving me the same error message.  Of course, I am trying to run it on my
laptop computer which only barely meets the requirements for running the
game.  Let’s see what happens when I get it on my desktop back home (which
has an i740 graphics card; I understand BC3K does not do well with that

On the plus side, BC300AD was very quick in giving suggestions that got
version 2.0 up and running.  I need to learn the game now.  I will save
version 2.05 for later.

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WoW! and I thought the flight-sim NG had problems….

nuff said


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X-Wing Alliance goes Gold

Well, its official. LucasArts released the next X-Wing game to
manufacturing today.

Should be on the shelves before the end of the month.

*****Saturn S. Padua | typh…@pacbell.net | UIN:1309732*******

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New kick-ass review over at Games Domain

Reviews of BC3K v2.0 (’99)

http://www.gamesdomain.com/gdreview/index.html  (3/9)

Interviews with the man himself (’99)

http://pseudo.com/links/archiveplay.asp?archid=4738&type=vid   (RealVideo)

All of the above as well as adventures going back to ’97, can be found at


Detractor: You are more than welcome to add any shit you like to this message.
The fact remains, you lost. Eat shit.

Derek Smart, Ph.D.
Designer/Lead Developer
The Battlecruiser Series

"The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further
than the crowd.  The man who walks alone is likely to find
himself in places no one has ever been. Someone lemme out!"

"Oh yeah….my opinions are my own and do not reflect those
of my publisher. They passed up the publishing rights."

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[BC3K] Top Ten Reasons Detractors eat s**t

From the home office in Love Canal NY, the top ten reasons Detractors eat

10.     Only way to wash taste of vending machine coke out of your mouth

9.       Years of online game give detractors acquired taste for the

8.       BC3K hype virtually indistinguishable  from crap

7.       Only 3000AD product to be released on time

6.        No Manual needed

5.        4 out of 5 Dans recommend it to their patients who chew s**t

4.        More flavorful than Taco Bell’s Taco supreme

3.        Free large order of fraud with every plate

2.        Goes down easy with DKS golden shower shake

and the number 1 reason:

1.         Easier to swallow than PhD story

Pat Lundrigan
Remove the $ to email me

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Interplay’s SFC site is open now (so I’m a little behind the power curve).
The week seven shots look good.   Those of you interested in a space based
game that is different, not a fighter clone, strategy/economic clone, or a
mouse clickety click red alert clone, might find it worth while.  I have and
play X-wing, WC, and MOOII and so on.  They are fun games and I really enjoy
them.  But I am ready for a game that lets me control a major warship.  SFC
looks to be the best bet.  So far nothing else has come close.

Yes, I know, I-war.  But I-war plays more like a really big fighter than a
ship.  I don’t want a ski-boat or a Scarab.  I want the Bismark.

This isn’t meant to spark a flame war about sim’s and such.  There are lots
of good games out there.  This is to try and spark discussion about games
that don’t follow the current fads.

SFC is the only one I know of that isn’t so buggy as to be useless.  Does
anyone know any others?


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I-War Deluxe?

Just visited A Talent for War and read over the space-sim developer
chat they recently hosted.


and was surprised to learn that Particle Systems will be re-releasing
I-War with a new 18 mission campaign entitled "Defiance" (played from
the Indie side of the conflict)

No word on release date…with the concurrent development of I-War 2,
I’m guessing Fall 99.

*****Saturn S. Padua | typh…@pacbell.net | UIN:1309732*******

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Wing Commander movie review

Gamesmania has posted a review of the Wing Commander movie.



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Freespace Mission: Light and Darkness

    I am currently trying to do the mission called Light and Darkness
where you have to disable the Hammer of Light cruiser Ramses and destroy
some cargo containers.  I’m actually pretty confident that I can finish
the mission, but I’ve been having an odd problem.
    At some point in the mission, the Shivan cruiser Taranis jumps in
and starts attacking the Ramses.  The first time I played the mission, I
was able to disarm and disable the Ramses before the Taranis could
destroy it.  I had the Taranis down to about 30% when it finally was
able to destroy the Ramses.  I didn’t want to fail the mission so badly,
so I jumped out and tried the mission again.
    However, the next time and all the times after that, the Taranis
seems a lot tougher.  Maybe during the first run the Ramses was able to
beat up the Taranis a bit more than the other times, but in general
(I’ve flown the mission four times now), the Taranis destroys the Ramses
very quickly.
    My question is: Is there some trick to completing this mission with
the Ramses disarmed, and possibly destroying the Taranis?  I’m pretty
sure I will be able to destroy the cargo containers without too much
trouble, so its mainly the Ramses I’m concerned about.

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