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Re: I-War Consensus

On Sun, 30 Aug 1998 10:22:38 -0400, Emperor Palpatine

<andre…@earthlink.net> wrote:
>    Well, that’s encouraging to see the game creating such a flurry. I saw
>it at EB yesterday, and it looks very promising. I’m looking for a
>general consensus about the game (any of the mags run a review yet?)
>before I lay out the dough, especially since it sounds like the missions
>are linear and/or scripted – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (hey,
>TIE Fighter was linear), but it does limit game play a little.

I was concerned about the scripted missions as well.  From what I’ve
read and have seen, there seems to be more than one objective to some
(or most) of the missions.  While you may still get a success rating
on a mission, what you failed to do, could (or will) come back to
haunt you in later missions.  The mission branching is very well done
from what I’ve seen.  (I don’t have much game time in yet)  Once you
complete a mission, you’ll have a choice of 2 or 3 different missions
to pick from.  I wouldn’t dismiss the game because of the scripted
The game does require patience, so be prepared to put some time into
it.  (at least in the simulation mode, I’ve never tried the arcade
mode)  If I were a game reviewer (which I’m not) :-)  I would give it
4.5 stars.  (out of 5)  The manual lacks some important info IMO.  I
have yet to encounter a single bug, crash, or graphic glitch.  (other
than the pauses when audio loads, but Steve was kind enough to give us
a fix for that until a patch is released)  
Anyway, you have nothing to lose since EB has such an excellent return

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An apology from scharmers (IWar)

 This is a message from scharmers, who also happens to be…me.

 It is also a humble apology to the I-War zealots of this group.

 My initial impressions of I-War weren’t favorable, I think for two reasons:
 1) I really wanted Warlords III instead (which I got)
 2) I was in the middle of a wonderful Freespace mission.

 Now that both are out of the way, I allocated my monthly game to I-War, and
I must say, it’s a hoot!  I read the manual, again, but this time, it was
while I was walking the dog.  The dog got a good walk, and I got to really
dwelve into the manual.
 I think a lot of the initial dislike I had of I-War was the lack of
situational awareness.  That has been cured with my "discovery" of the wep
station.  You can’t beat the first advanced training mission (the hulk)
without it!  SA is also cured–wep should be called "padlock", and what a
padlock it is.
 I’ve made heavy changes to the programmable throttle buttons with a lot of
thought.  Lateral and freemode toggle are there (although the latter is
rarely used), along with targetting and the works.

 So, I-War is a hoot, and again, I apologize–with a caveat.  Like a
heavy-duty flight sim (F-15 comes to mind), I think that I-War is aimed
squarely at a rather niche market (we call these "boutique" products at
flight-sim).  I think that a lot of people are going to be turned off by
I-War’s difficulty and the way the ship "fights" you.  Flight-simmers
especially–we’re a "speed is life" crowd, but I-War can definitely be a
"speed kills" sim.  Turning that bitch around for another attack run is
tricky. We also don’t like spending a lot of time in external padlock (wep
view in I-War)…we consider it a "cheat", and "arcadey", but in this game,
it’s vital.

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New ThrustMaster setups, stuff at 6DoF

News flash: the "Six Degrees of Freedom" site has been significantly
updated.  There are two new HOTAS setups ("Back to Baghdad" and
"Independence War") for ThrustMaster FLCS/F-22/TQS users … plus a
number of other setups have been updated.

There’s other new stuff as well … come see and (hopefully) enjoy!


David "Mystic" Sandberg
"Six Degrees of Freedom": http://www.pconline.com/~mystic/6dof/
(for ThrustMaster FLCS/TQS HOTAS setups)
* put "mystic" in the header address if replying via email

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Independence War II – wishlist

Ok, for starters, I REALLY think Multiplayer would be great!! Most sims,
such as Freespace, you are limited in tactics by the functions of the
fighter. I think with I-war, your tactical options are enough to almost make
it a strategy game in a multiplayer environment.

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Re: I-War comments for ya'll

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, <6scg4g$jn…@dns2.serv.net>,
C.A. Dahl <pu…@spamola.drizzle.com> babbled something along the lines
of (Although I think it’s some sort of conspiracy):
>Well, I’ve been playing I-War long enough to get a real feel for it.  I can
>easily see where it turned me off at first.  Here’s some more comments I
>have about it:

>1) It should be emphasized–more–that this is a SIMULATOR, as opposed to an
>action-sim.  This means lots of time configuring controls and playing things
>until you get the setup you want.  Which leads us to:

Check out Dejanews for postings that say I-War is a simulator. I’ve lost
count how many times I’ve said it myself!

                                The Starglider
          LARGEST I-WAR FAN SITE HERE :http://www.thespian.demon.co.uk
          ICQ Number:1773852 WWPAGER:http://wwp.mirabilis.com/1773852

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Iain M. Banks influence in I-War?

I couldn’t help noticing the bizarre names used for the indie ships in I-War
had a similarity to those used in the excellent Iain M. Banks "Culture"
novels. Are there any Banks fans at Particle Systems?


Get the most from Jane’s F-15 at http://home.vest.net/flight

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I-War sound probs?

Not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but is the sound effect that’s
played as the Particle Systems logo comes up during boot supposed to sound
like stereo snare drums? (Can’t think of another way to describe it.) I
thought it was probably intentional but I get the same effect one at least
one cut-scene video piece, while the others have "proper" audio.


Get the most from Jane’s F-15 at http://home.vest.net/flight

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Babylon 5 Space-sim – Interview with Ken Prugh

I’ve just put an interview with Ken Prugh, (from the Babylon 5
Space-sim team) up on my site. See my sig below for the URL.

A Talent For War at http://atfw.intelligamer.com – The Space-sim Portal

 John –

Why, why, why, why, why, WHY???!??!?!

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Cd, box movie, the works!!  $26 shipped

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I-WAR Open Questions to Particle Systems

Here are some questions and comments to Particle Systems regarding I-WAR.
I’ve posted them here because I’m sure most out there are interested in both
the questions and answers.

First some questions:

1.  The rule manual says the Z direction is along the forward axis of the
ship, the Y axis is bottom to top, and the X is left to right.  Most XYZ
coordinate systems are defined where X cross Y produces Z.  In I-WAR X cross
Y produces a minus Z.  I’m curious as to why this convention was chosen?

2.  What’s the effective thrust in G’s along each axis?

Now some comments:

Anyone notice in the intro movie that the stated number of kills for Jefferson
Clay is 151, but the number displayed on the Admiral’s hand held computer is

The ground traffic in the movie are driving on the left hand side of the road.
Definitely an English game.

The historical parallels in the plot are also hard to miss.  The Stong
Commonwealth Navy (i.e. British) vs the Independents (Irish or IRA?).  The
accents really give it away.

On the game poster, the acceleration units are given in meters per second.
That should read meters per second squared.  Even better, the value should
read G’s, since the magnitude of the values look off by a factor of 10.


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